An Eclectic Farmhouse I’d Love to Call Home

One of my goals this year (and next) is to cut down on clutter and things I don’t need. Today’s eclectic farmhouse has a bit of a minimalist look that I find refreshing. Yes, there’s still collectibles – but there’s an underlying edited look that looks so clean.

Neutral Sun Room in Eclectic FarmhousePhoto by Tim Lenz Photography

The entryway has a wrought iron holder for canes and walking sticks. A small bachelor’s chest with a wooden bowl cradles clippings from outside. Simple and pretty.

Entryway with Bachelor's ChestPhoto by Tim Lenz Photography

The living room features an eclectic mix of furniture and colors. A rustic stone fireplace reveals the older age of the farmhouse with its beamed ceilings and hardwood floors. A collection of wooden duck decoys line a built-in bookcase at the far end of the room.

Eclectic Farmhouse Living Room in Older HomePhoto by Tim Lenz Photography

You know, I never used to like antlers in decor like you see in this dining room chandelier. I thought the deer had to die in order to secure their antlers. But then I found out they’re naturally shed after mating season and a new pair grows before the next mating season. So now I appreciate the natural look an antler or two can provide, not to mention their romantic story.

Antler Chandelier in Eclectic Farmhouse Dining RoomPhoto by Tim Lenz Photography

Simple chests and wooden boxes provide storage areas for blankets and more. A berried branch and large horse print give a nod to nature. There’s not a lot of stuff and oftentimes less is more, creating a stronger visual statement.

Large Horse Print in White and Wood RoomPhoto by Tim Lenz Photography

Orange walls liven up a butler’s pantry tucked behind a Dutch door. It’s details like this that make a home unique.

Sitting Room with Butler's PantryPhoto by Tim Lenz Photography

The eclectic farmhouse has all the mullioned windows that I love. Windows are important and I think they’re very telling about the quality of a home. We have a new subdivision in our town and most of the people are complaining about their cheap windows. 

Windowed Corner with Small Wooden DeskPhoto by Tim Lenz Photography

A casual family room features the second stone fireplace in the eclectic farmhouse with its abundance of windows and details like built-in bookcases.

Eclectic Family Room with Stone FireplacePhoto by Tim Lenz Photography

The bedrooms are clean and uncluttered which creates a more restful experience. I love the upholstered headboard with duck fabric – similar to the decoy ducks seen in the living room.

Bedroom with Upholstered Headboard in Duck Decoy FabricPhoto by Tim Lenz Photography

You can see more of this eclectic farmhouse photographed by Tim Lenz over at Houzz.

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  1. Love this home. Understated and wonderful. My New Year resolution is to de-clutter my home and my wardrobe. Thank you for the photos.

  2. I’m not a fan of using animal parts, whether they have to be killed in order to get them or not. I think it diminishes the animal itself to use it for decor. I feel the same about the animal skin rugs – I don’t want to walk on the skin of an animal, even if it is faux. It’s just a thing with me …..
    And I agree with the person who commented above – your home and your obvious love of farm animal decor in artwork and natural accessories is much better done and is always respectful.

  3. De-clutter is also in my 2020 list of things to do. I want to go through all my Christmas, Easter and Halloween decorations and purge. When my kids were younger I had so much stuff and now that they are teens I don’t have the toy clutter I want to take it one step further and de-clutter every room. It will cut down on cleaning time and over all just have a cleaner feel.
    I love your home…keep the pictures coming they are so inspirational.
    Happy, healthy New Year to all!

  4. I agree with the previous posts regarding the use of animal parts.. To me, it gives off a vibe of not being welcoming to animal lovers.

  5. I never thought about the feeling someone would have seeing a house with animal parts displayed. I think the antlers are so pretty to look at. They are so sculptural and graceful. What a pretty home!