Eclectic South Carolina Cottage

Let’s head south and take a tour of a very charming, and somewhat eclectic, South Carolina cottage photographed by the very talented Margaret Wright. It’s an older home that’s been updated, but retains its original charm.

South Carolina Cottage KitchenPhoto by Margaret Wright Photography

The kitchen isn’t modernized to today’s standards but it’s still functional and definitely charming. The flooring is a fun pattern and the white cabinets keep the space from feeling claustrophobic. I could easily cook in this kitchen.

Every time I see a magnetic knife strip I remind myself I need to get one. And I’m glad to see I’m not the only one without a hood vent above the stove.

Details of a South Carolina Cottage KitchenPhoto by Margaret Wright Photography


The kitchen in this South Carolina cottage has the same counter tops I want in my own kitchen. I like the little pendant light above the sink too. I may need to refer back to this post when we get our kitchen cabinets and counter tops done (hopefully before the end of this year).

Carolina Cottage Kitchen with Vintage Wood RadioPhoto by Margaret Wright Photography


An exposed brick chimney adds texture in the kitchen. The arched window is obviously newer but looks good with the older details. Baskets corral kitchen items and keep the shelf from looking messy.

Details of a South Carolina Cottage KitchenPhoto by Margaret Wright Photography


The living room features beautiful wood floors and wide window trim. A convenient laundry room makes it easy to get up during commercials to do another load of laundry.

Eclectic Carolina Cottage Living RoomPhoto by Margaret Wright Photography


Contemporary Leather Sofa in Eclectic Living RoomPhoto by Margaret Wright Photography


A vintage chandelier hangs above a simple farmhouse table in the dining room. Note the way the wood floors are bordered at the edge of the room.

Eclectic Cottage Dining RoomPhoto by Margaret Wright Photography


The exposed chimney that you saw in the kitchen continues to the second floor. The hallway is light and bright with a large window.

Upstairs Hallway with exposed brick chimneyPhoto by Margaret Wright Photography


One of the bedrooms features a pretty, white iron daybed. My daughter had one of these for her bed when she was little. 

White Iron Daybed in Girls BedroomPhoto by Margaret Wright Photography


The master bedroom also has a pretty bed and simple bamboo shades at the windows. The room is simple with a beautiful floor rug. 

Black Metal Bed in Master BedroomPhoto by Margaret Wright Photography

You can see more of this South Carolina Cottage photographed by Margaret Wright Photography over at Houzz.


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  1. I found this cottage to look so comfortable and livable. So nice to see pictures of rooms that don’t look perfectly staged.
    I use the same basket setup for storage in both my kitchen and family room and love my magnetic knife holder. Got my in the local hardware store.

  2. A very sweet home . Not every kitchen needs to be magazine worthy to be pretty and functional. For functionality is key to every good kitchen. I was so surprised that my previous home/condo had a small footprint but when I renovated I was able to make the kitchen work so much better for me with storage etc. while not being able to change the footprint. I now live in a different home and even though I have a bigger kitchen the functionality is almost a zero. I can’t wait to be able to renovate the kitchen I have now to make it more functional like my previous kitchen.

  3. I love this home, it’s small like mine and perfect for storage and convenience. Love the floors and brick and would love to have those beautiful countertops. Your kitchen is so pretty and love your storage areas.

  4. Hi Jennifer!
    I live where the suburbs meet the country as well.
    I Love all your post but this is one that hits home, Eclectic decor is my absolute favorite and always has been, I don’t know any other way to decorate. And I love baskets I’ve had them hanging from a wrought iron pot rack for years and they still make me happy 😊

  5. Cutest kitchen!!
    You will love the butcherblock countertops! We put ours in 2 years ago from Home Depot. Easy but the hardest part is cutting out the hole for the sink. I keep mine oiled with Howards Butcherblock Oil.
    They look great!