Flea Market Cottage Full of Color

Awhile back I featured kitchens that used the color turquoise, and one of those kitchens belongs to the flea market cottage you’re going to see today. So step on in and be prepared for lots of bright colors and vintage finds!

Yellow Flea Market CottagePhoto by Mary Ann Shaklan


The cottage is typical flea market style with bright colors and unique finds like the fancy birdcage and blue wicker chair (which I love).

Small Living Room Filled with Colorful Vintage FindsPhoto by Mary Ann Shaklan


I realize this charming little flea cottage might be too colorful for some of you, but I don’t think you can deny its element of fun. Imagine the years of hunting to find all the vintage treasures that fill each room.

Small Living Room Filled with Colorful Vintage FindsPhoto by Mary Ann Shaklan


Bright colors continue into the kitchen where you’ll see cheery sunflowers and an array of vintage kitchen items.

Flea Market Style Vintage KitchenPhoto by Mary Ann Shaklan


A collection of fiesta ware bowls and brightly colored plates line the interior of the glass front cabinets.

Flea Market Style Vintage Kitchen with Fiesta Ware BowlsPhoto by Mary Ann Shaklan


A blue iron garden table takes up residence in the small dining room with a blue shutter and various oil paintings lining the wall.

Vintage Garden Dining Set in a Flea Market CottagePhoto by Mary Ann Shaklan


More vintage paintings create a gallery wall up the staircase, while flea market finds line the shelves of a built-in bookcase.

Flea Market Style Decorating Photo by Mary Ann Shaklan


Even the outdoor spaces showcase colorful vintage treasures. Makes you wonder how long it took to acquire so many collectibles.

Vintage Style Patio with Colorful Vintage TreasuresPhoto by Mary Ann Shaklan

You can see more of today’s colorful flea market cottage by Mary Ann Shaklan over at Houzz.


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  1. I love the bright colors. Though I would not use the “flea market” art or so much on one wall there is inspiration in each photo. I use art and photos of family and collected travels over the years. Thanks for sharing! Have a good day.

  2. Thanks for this post …. I love this style although it is not very much like my own home. However, there’s something so terribly cheerful about it that I just think it’s lovely. Always have wondered if it would be too stimulating to live with?

    1. No it’s not over stimulating. My home is even more colorful than her house. I absolutely love it. My family and friends all say there is something new to look at each time they come back. It’s my happy place 😊

  3. Love to see the color, it’s so nice to see. It’s so cheerful and happy. It seems so many people have embraced the white-black modern farmhouse to the extreme, that it’s refreshing to have some colorful whimsy.

  4. I love it! It’s so bright and happy, and a welcome change from all of the bland, neutral, interchangeable, cookie cutter houses out there!

  5. Love it!! Only an artist, with a strong dose of order, could pull this off! I’m guessing that most of the paintings are hers. VERY cute!
    Amazing sense of color use balanced with cottage simplicity. SOOOOO FUN 👏👍😇

  6. I want to live there! I love color and collected items! Cottages are my favorite. Thanks for sharing this beauty!

    1. I think it’s homey, interesting and colourful. So much nicer than the minimilistic look 😊👍

  7. Too colorful? Never! The pops of black help ground it. I always love it when you show us lots of color. My favorite. Reminds me of my own home. Couldn’t live a happy life without it.

    1. Yes, it seemed lacking in Harmony. Everything was fighting each other for attention? It didn’t gel.

  8. I love all the color and vintage finds. I love to do vintage finds myself although I’m not on this scale. This is so cheery and would love to come home to this.

  9. Lovely cottage, so cheerful and comfy. I love her pretty colorful areas, lots of love went into this home.

  10. such a happy place. I expected, at any time, to hear the ringing of the bell for cookie time. Very uplifting.

  11. Ha! Not long at all…to find all these collectibles…if you are an inveterate thrift store shopper, speaking as one. This is a little colorful for me, but a fun boho look that would be a great deal of fun to put together for a second home, cabin or beach cottage…something totally different for a short while before you returned to the more restful tried and true.

  12. I love the color. I am so sick of the all white and gray trends. I don’t even have white walls. This is definitely my kind of style – so cozy and inviting.

  13. What a interesting cottage, I could meander around for hours taking it all in, loved it.
    I visited your blog just recently and found your beautiful table setting and you new hobby taking up flower arranging, I want to use that beautiful setting for a upcoming wedding shower. How can I find it, I have searched in the archives, no luck, thank you.
    [email protected]

  14. I love this even though there is a lot of color. The green sofa and mirror over the kitchen sink really got my attention. How much fun was had, hunting all these treasures.

  15. So much fun to tour this cottage filled with vintage items and so much color. It is a cool grey day here in N. C and I needed some sunflowers and colorful furnitur to lift my spirits. Thankyou

  16. Hi! I always enjoy your articles. This time was an exception because it seemed like there were more ads than articles. What’s up with that? It was difficult to figure out what was what!