Fantastic Mountain Cabin Living Rooms with the Ultimate Coziness

Although I’m not a fan of winter, one thing I do like about the season is stepping in from the cold into a warm and cozy living. With that spirit in mind, I’m featuring a collection of fantastic mountain cabin living rooms that display the ultimate in cozy appeal. From natural wood to rich colors and fabrics, these rooms have everything you’d want on a frosty winter’s day.

A grand room with a vaulted ceiling seems cozy and inviting despite its large size. The dark wood ceiling and stone work create a warm vibe. Cream-colored sofas add a bright spot while a red Oriental rug, stripped cushions, and pretty pillows lend just the right amount of color.

mountain cabin living roomsPhoto by Tate Interiors


Paneled walls and ceiling create a cozy hug in this smaller cabin-style living room with its pretty stone fireplace in neutral tones of gray, brown, and beige. 

cozy cabin living roomPhoto by User


Real log walls create the ultimate in warmth and texture in a smaller living space with a corner wood-burning stove. 

log cabin family roomPhoto by Fishcamp Custom LLC.


A corner stone fireplace provides texture and dancing flames in a more modern take on mountain cabin living rooms. I like that the walls are kept white to allow the fireplace to stand out.

corner stone fireplace in living roomPhoto by LW Interiors


When you live in a mountain home, you need plenty of windows to enjoy the views outside. The sunlight plays nicely against all the rough-hewn wood in this space. 

mountain cabin living roomsPhoto by Tate Interiors


Another of today’s mountain cabin living rooms features a corner fireplace made with natural stone. A wall of windows lets you enjoy outdoor views while staying cozy inside. No curtains are needed when you have a small forest of trees to block views from the outside looking in.

rustic living room with double decker windowsPhoto by ID Studio Interiors


Sometimes the smaller the room, the cozier it feels. This charmer exhibits a stone fireplace and rough hewn walls and ceiling like the rest of the mountain cabin living rooms. Color is added via the patterned rug and upholstery. 

cozy cabin living room with stone fireplacePhoto by Cooke Interiors Studio


Is there anything more impressive in a home than a floor to ceiling stone fireplace? We had one in our vaulted living room when I was a kid. I might have mentioned this before, but my brother and I used to climb all the way up it. In fact, my brother would hide his money on one of the top stones jutting out. He wasn’t happy when I learned how to crawl all the way up and snagged his treasure!

cozy cabin living room with vaulted wood ceilingPhoto by Laura Moss Photography


Here’s a slightly more modern take on a rustic living room. The colors are lighter but you still have the appearance of rough, wooden beams and natural stone.

mountain home living roomPhoto by Jonathan Miller Architects


I love this smaller cabin living room with a brick fireplace and traditional chandelier with faux candles. The vintages touches make me think this is what Santa’s home would look like. 

small rustic living room with brick fireplacePhoto by Bensonwood


We can’t talk about mountain cabin living rooms without a view of the mountains! This space has a slightly industrial vibe with the metal windows and beam. I love that the walls are all stone, yet the furnishings are traditional in style. Such a pretty place!

rustic living room with view of the mountainsPhoto by JLF & Associates, Inc.


I’ve got more rustic living rooms to share with you, but I’ll save them for a later date. Maybe in January when we can all appreciate the warmth of a fireplace!


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  1. Greetings from Poulsbo WA. Very much enjoyed. Guess my pick would be Santa’s livingroom. Soooo cozy. Wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas. Enjoy and appreciate what you do. Thank you!

  2. So beautiful. Love them all, and that view outside from the last one. Honestly I could get used to daily year round living in any of them lol.

  3. These take me back to my parents’ home, they had a stone fireplace that covered a twenty-foot wall in the living room it had sitting on each side and we would take turns sitting and warming up. I miss it and these were beautiful examples. Thanks for sharing your memory, have a Merry Christmas.