Your Front Door: Make a First Impression

Remember that saying, “you only have one chance to make a great first impression”? The same can be said of a house and its curb appeal. An easy way to improve your home’s first impression is with the front door. Check out these pretty examples and consider giving your door a fresh coat of paint or replacing its hardware for a quick update.

beautiful blue front door with windows in a white painted brick wall and climbing plants in the historic old town of Luebeck, Germany

You’d have to travel all the way to Germany to see the bright blue door above. In addition to its bold color, it has a cute little window and an interesting door latch. A quick change of hardware can give your door a fresh look.


The dark green door below, framed by pretty porch trim, matches the color of the shutters and is simply adorned with a beautiful brass knocker.

Green Front Door on Yellow Colonial Style Home


A clever use of white and taupe paint creates a grand entrance to a craftsman style home. A windowed door with a transom above allows plenty of natural light to flow into the entryway.

A grand entrance to a refurbished craftsman style home.


In Philadelphia, a bright green door is framed by black trim. In a sea of row houses, paint is a great way to make your entrance stand out from the rest.

Green front door and steps.  Philadelphia, PA.


If you’re a little shy about using bold color, consider a soft blue hue to enhance your home’s curb appeal.

Light Blue Front Door on a Classic Home Porch


Red is a classic color for a front door. In early American times, a red door signified a place for weary travelers to rest. This one comes with a fancy spider web transom window.

Classic Red Front Door on a Brick House


Note the small detail of red outlining on this charming green door. I’ve always been a huge fan of two-tone windows – why not give your front door the same treatment?

Green Windowed Exterior Door on a Quaint Cottage


An arched doorway with transom window gets a stroke of bold blue paint. Colorful flowers add to the vivid display of color.

Bright Blue Door with Arched Transom Window


A little white cottage by the sea keeps a monochromatic look to its entrance, allowing a white wicker cone basket of flowers to serve as all the color that’s needed.

Little White Cottage by the Sea


A shingle style craftsman cottage gives another example of an appealing, monochromatic entryway. Note the charming light fixture by the door.

Simple craftsman style cottage with wood shingles and flower-filled window box.


For the color lovers in the crowd, this historic home in New England shows how to pair rich yellow with a red door that leans toward the orange side.

Yellow New England house and porch with red door and fall leaf covered white steps

Just remember – if you choose to paint your door a bold shade and decide you don’t like it, you can always repaint it. Or try something more subtle like new hardware or a new light fixture. The possibilities for your front door are almost endless.


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  1. These doors are fab. I especially love doors with windows! Mine is a steel door without window and it’s time for a refreshing change!

  2. Love these doors and i would love mine more if i would paint it, it’s been a while, one of those things at the bottom of my list that should be at the top.

  3. Love all these colors for doors and some the transom windows are just beautiful. I couldn’t help noticing though that there was a knob in the middle of the bright red door. That seemed odd to me and how would that work to open the door.