Nighttime Curb Appeal for Shorter Days

Shorter days create a seasonal coziness both inside and outside the home. See how nighttime curb appeal can be achieved with porch and landscape lighting.

Nighttime Curb Appeal with Porch LightsPhoto by Creole Design


You don’t have to get overly complicated with landscape lighting to enhance your home’s curb appeal in the evening. Sometimes all that’s needed is a simple porch light, in addition to leaving a few interior lights on.

Nighttime Curb Appeal for Your HomePhoto by John Lum Architecture, Inc. AIA


Of course, most people don’t like the feeling of living in a fish bowl with windows open and the lights on.

Modern Farmhouse with Nighttime Curb AppealPhoto by Highmark Builders


If you don’t want to invest in landscape lighting for nighttime curb appeal, you can just add a pretty porch light that looks great during the day or night.

Rustic Green Home with Nighttime Curb AppealPhoto by Whitten Architects


A full moon over the water always enhances nighttime curb appeal, along with a front yard fire pit.

Seaside Colonial at NightPhoto by Banks Design Associates, LTD & Simply Home


If your home faces a field or expanse of water, you can leave the shades open at night and enjoy the golden glow from windows unseen by neighbors or passersby.

Lakeside Home with Dock Lit Up at NightPhoto by FOCUS CONSTRUCTION, LTD


Thin curtains or shades allow the lights to shine through while providing street-side privacy at the same time.

Traditional Southern Row House at NightPhoto by Dennison and Dampier Interior Design


Someday I want to add a street lamp to the front yard to enhance nighttime curb appeal. I just have to figure out how we’re going to get electricity to the front. Our only outdoor outlet is in the backyard.

Rustic Woodsy House at NightPhoto by MICHAEL MCDONOUGH ARCHITECT PA


A pair of Craftsman style porch lanterns match the outdoor exterior of this pretty home lit up at night.

Rustic home with Nighttime LightingPhoto by Smith & Vansant Architects PC


Add a sprinkling of pathway lights to the front of your home for nighttime curb appeal. Place them in areas you want to feature, like a garden or rock bed.

Contemporary Home with Night and Day Curb AppealPhoto by Peninsula Architects


If you’re lucky enough to live in a waterfront home, you get to double your nighttime curb appeal with the reflection of your evening home.

Yellow Lakeside Home Lit Up at NightPhoto by ThinkOne

Early fall is a great time to get outside for a walk in the evening and enjoy crisp air and quaint homes!


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  1. Thank you for this post, beautiful images! I’ve not seen any posts like this before on any blog, and I love to see homes lit up at night, when I’m traveling through small towns and villages. I’ll be pinning these for future inspiration

  2. Nan, Odessa, DE says:

    Just lovely!
    Did you put lights around your pool and deck? Share a night view, please.

    You blew this because you didn’t give us any info on using solar/battery lighting. Like you I have no electric in the front except an entrance light. In my veranda, I use solar stars on the ceiling and it is just grand, all seasons. Once in a while, we have to give them an overnight physical charge, BUT not often. (I am in DE, so we do have Delaware gray occasionally.)

  3. Oh boy, those waterside homes have me drooling. You can buy solar lights for a front yard street lamp. My neighbor has one.

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