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Embrace Sunshine Vibes with a Vibrant Yellow Front Door

Warm weather is here for the time being and it’s time to embrace sunshine vibes with a yellow front door. A truly easy way to add new life to the outside of your room is to paint your door a new color. You only need a quart of paint and the color options are endless. For summer, create a warm welcome with sunny yellow.

sunny yellow front door on green house


When choosing a paint color for your door, consider the overall color scheme of your house. Yellow looks great with so many other colors. Don’t be afraid to go bold – or soft. Here, a yellow front door looks fabulous against a pale blue home. The warmth of the yellow contrasts beautifully with the cool vibe of blue.

yellow door on periwinkle house


If your home has a lot of greenery or vines, yellow is a perfect choice. The door is reminiscent of a yellow flower nestled in green leaves. This beautiful door with its half-moon spider web window would look fabulous in any color.

Georgian style door painted bright yellow


You’ll find this sunny, arched door in Carmel, California (which is where I think we’re headed next spring for a vacation).

Arched yellow front door


Yes, you can pair a yellow front door with red brick. This Scandinavian charmer catches the eye and incorporates thin white stripes. The window echoes the trim color.

Scandinavian home with yellow door and window


An Edwardian style door enjoys a deeper shade of yellow on a beautiful home located in the United Kingdom. It draws attention in the midst of the vines and greenery.

Edwardian home with yellow door


A vintage style porch gets a breath of fresh air with a yellow door. If your front entrance is shady, yellow is a great color to bring attention to your front door.

Front porch with yellow door and flowers


Even a charming mid-century modern home knows what color its entrance should wear.

Mid Century Modern home exterior


Yellow pops against white on this Kensington home. Black accents lend an air of sophistication.

Kensington home with yellow front door


Braided ivy and a pair of potted boxwoods frame an elegant front door with an arched transom window. Nothing says “welcome” like a warm and sunny front door.

Braided ivy and bright yellow door on red brick house


What do you think of a yellow front door? Is it pretty enough to make you paint your own for the summer season?


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  1. It could be ok on just the right house, I suppose. For some reason, I always think bright colors on the outside of a house look a bit “cheap” for lack of a better word. I’d rather see a moody navy or forest green or even a deep maroon- just my humble opinion. Love your articles! Thank you!

  2. The front door entry area is such a fun space to decorate, so many options! I prefer a solid wood door with beautiful glass panels but if I bought a home that already had a painted door I’d have such fun changing up the colors and all the knobs and accessories as accents…and I’d add a climbing rose that would go across and down the sides! I’d buy that rabbit door knocker from Anthropologie!
    Enjoy your California trip! We did a cruise once up the California coast and it was great.

  3. Wow! Those doors are really Y-E-L-L-O-W! It’s sure a happy color, isn’t it?
    Not my cup of tea BUT it is my go-to summer color… INSIDE and on a wreath on the door. It’s looks so nice with blue & white.
    However, FIRST comes RED, white & blue from Memorial Day until July 4th. THEN… YELLOW until September and I hear Fall calling.