How to Decorate with Flea Market Finds

Summer is flea market season and it extends well into fall. See how to turn your flea market finds into beautiful home decor that makes a visual impact!

Eclectic Kitchen with Flea Market FindsPhoto by Adrienne DeRosa

Flea markets always have an ample supply of vintage dishes like colorful Fiesta ware, vintage China, or classic white ironstone (my personal favorite). Take the doors off your kitchen cabinets to display your beloved treasures.

Brightly Colored Vintage Bowls and PitchersPhoto by Alison Kandler Interior Design

Pink and White Vintage China on DisplayPhoto by Holly Marder

Decorate with your finds in unique ways. Beautiful vintage pitchers serve as indoor garden pots while a collection of mismatched spoons create a unique wind chime.

Decorate in Unique Ways with Vintage Flea Market Finds.Photo by Rikki Snyder

I’m always overjoyed when a purchase from the flea market serves double duty. Vintage suitcases in like colors create a delightful display and store sheets, blankets, and other seasonal staples.

Stacked Vintage Creamy White Suitcases Act as StoragePhoto by Rikki Snyder

You’ve probably seen lots of wooden crates at your local flea market. Find purposeful ways to use them. I have one that cradles cookbooks in the kitchen. Here, a pair of vintage crates stacked atop one another serve as a charming makeshift end table.

Pair of Vintage Crates Become End TablesPhoto by Dreamy Whites

Half of the joy of vintage treasure hunting is creating news ways to utilize your finds. There’s a deep sense of satisfaction in making new beauty with cast-offs. I adore this rustic little light fixture.

Repurposed farmhouse light fixture and blue shutterPhoto by Louise de Miranda

For the greatest visual impact, display flea market finds together. A set of broken pocket watches add beauty to a grouping of end table collectibles.

Collection of Vintage, Broken Pocket WatchesPhoto by Kate Hansen Photography

Miniature bottles and dice are proudly displayed in a divided wooden box above a stately sailboat. The vintage finds are safely out of a child’s (or cat’s) reach. You can find vintage bottles for a good price at summer markets.

Miniature Bottles in Wood Display CasePhoto by Kate Hansen Photography

By all means, have fun when decorating with flea market finds. Cute at the front door of a cafe, this sign would be equally charming in a vintage or farmhouse kitchen.

Vintage Good Food Kitchen SignPhoto by Lore Patterson

Decorating with unique treasures makes your home one-of-a-kind! Don’t be afraid to embrace the eclectic appeal of something a little different. You might find it brings you special joy.

Bright and Colorful Eclectic Dining Room with Pepsi Cola SignPhoto by Alison Kandler Interior Design

What flea market finds do you have in your home?

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  1. I am the queen of open shelving- just remember to keep the doors so you can put them back up if you decide to move. More normal folks like kitchen cabinets WITH doors!! I am a big fan of estate sales for my goodies, but however we get them the fun is displaying our treasures in fun and practical ways, right? 😇

  2. I am pitcher crazy. Give me a handle and a spout and I’m a happy shopper. I especially love old pitchers, but have a few new designs also. Funny thing, though, I seldom use a pitcher since I live alone but can’t seem to resist yet another one that catches my eye. Oh well – my children can deal with them when I’m gone. 🙂

  3. These are great examples of what can be done with the findings and i do love the hunt. Thanks, happy hunting.

  4. So many inspiring ideas here. I’m always looking to add to my collection of Fiesta dishes. I find a lot at estate sales!

  5. I have turned my guest room into the Bovidae Boudior! All of the art, knick knacks, and sheep related things I have collected are displayed in there so my guests can enjoy them and do what else? Count sheep!