New Spring Pillows in the Family Room

People often ask why I like to decorate with white, and the answer is simple. Besides the fact that I love the color white and feel it always looks fresh and clean … you can easily change up the look and feel of a white room from season to season by adding beautiful color and pattern with pillows and textiles. I recently added a touch of color in the family room. I was actually shopping for something specific for the kitchen and wandered into the home decor section, and yada yada yada … I now have new spring pillows in the family room!

Spring Pillows in the Family RoomBefore you start thinking I have no self control when shopping, let me first say how much I struggle with finding pillows I like. I either can’t find the right color or the right pattern.


Spring Pillows from Home GoodsOr I find a bunch of pillows I like but they don’t go together. So when I found a grouping at Home Goods that were the right color, the right patterns, and went together beautifully … well, it was hard to resist.


Spring Pillows in the Family RoomI actually left the store without any of the pillows in an attempt at self-control.

But I kept thinking about how cute those pillows would look in my family room.


Spring Pillows from Home GoodsAnd so I went back a few days later because this colorful bird pillow kept tugging at my heart strings. They were bundled in a set of 2 for around $25. A good price when you consider some pillows cost over $50 apiece.


Spring Pillows from Home GoodsI also fell in love with this pale blue striped pillow. It’s oversized, filled with down, and pulls out the lighter blue in the bird pillow. Perfect match, in my opinion.


Spring Pillows from Home GoodsI also grabbed the rectangular, solid light blue pillow on the left. It has a soft, white whale on the opposite side that’s not showing. This summer, I’ll change out a few of the pillows for a nautical look and that’s when I’ll show the whale side.


Spring Pillows from Home GoodsThe rest of the pillows I already had and added them to the mix. It may sound silly, but I’m really happy with my pillow selection. Like I said, I have some sort of decorating block when it comes to pillows. Part of why I struggle is because I’m not willing to spend $50 or more for a single pillow. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with it … I just can’t bring myself to do it. It’s probably all those years of frugality when I was a single mom that give me pause.


Spring Pillows in the Family RoomAll in all, I paid less than $70 for five pillows that will get a lot of use.

It was worth taking a trip back to the store to get them!

What’s something you passed up recently that you went back to purchase?

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  1. Jennifer, I love the pillows, too! The birds one especially makes my heart happy. May I ask about your couch slipcover? It looks like what I envision for mine…

  2. Love the pillow choices! Even if I could, I will not spend +++++$ on a pillow. I know some folks can and do, but not me. I love to spread it around! lol

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    Lovely pillows. As my grandmother would have said your bird pillow is a jaunty little pattern. It is partly sunny and 16 degrees C. I think spring is finally hear. All of our snow is gone.
    Have a wonderful day.

  4. I’ve had moments at Home Goods. When you see what you’re looking for you have to grab it. You’re lucky they were still there. I’ve done that and when I got back they were gone. I said, it wasn’t meant to be. They played over and over in my mind for weeks


  5. the pillows are so beautiful! I also can’t stop staring at your window shades — did you make those, or would you happen to have the information about where you got them? I’ve been trying to find something similar, but I’m not having any luck. Thank you!