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How to Use Baskets in Your Home

Baskets make a great decorating accent! You can use them in every room and you’ll find budget-friendly baskets in thrift stores or at garage sales. Baskets come in a wide range of styles and sizes. Use them for decoration, style, storage, and more! This post is all about how to use baskets in your home. (This post contains affiliate links. See my  privacy policy.)

Baskets as Storage

Photo by Tiffany Farha Design

Baskets provide an attractive option for storage. Purchase matching sets to make a greater visual impact in a room.

Photo by Studio 80 Interior Design

Vintage baskets look pretty stacked at the side of a kitchen island. Store dish towels, wax paper and tin foil, or any other kitchen item that will fit inside. It’s a great option for a country style kitchen.

Photo by The Workshops of David T. Smith 

Under Bed Storage

Photo by Giambastiani Design

In my under-the-eaves bedroom I’ve got plastic storage bins under my bed, but they’re hidden by a bed skirt. Without a skirt, baskets look cute and provide storage for extra pillows, blankets, and sheets. You could also store your favorite magazines here, too. Kids can pile toys and stuffed animals in them for quick and easy clean up.

Photo by Duffy Design Group

Wire Baskets


Towels and toilet paper always look good stored in baskets – this time we’re looking at wire ones. I’ve got wire baskets in my own bathroom for storage purposes.

Photo by Lindsey Lang Design Ltd

Have you ever considered hanging baskets on the wall for storage? It’s a great way to free up shelf space for other items.

Photo by Ashli 

A vintage wire basket cradles favorite reading materials. I have a few of these filled with my fave magazines like Country Living.

Photo by Hannah Brown

Tobacco Baskets

Photo by Laurel Limbaugh Interior Design 

Tobacco baskets are highly popular today, thanks to Chip and Joanna Gains of Fixer Upper fame.

Photo by Tracery Interiors 

They make great wall decor and look good in vignettes, too. You can find them in antique stores or at your local flea market.

Photo by Judith Balis Interiors

Floor Baskets

Photo by Becki Peckham

Use baskets on the floor for convenient storage. Fill them with blankets and throws for cooler evenings.

Photo by deluxe design studio

They can also be tasked with holding supplies for your favorite past-time, like knitting or reading. Place one at the end of your couch to hold remotes and TV guides.

Photo by Dreamy Whites

Basket Pendant Lights

Photo by Jordana Nicholson

Basket lights are a fun option for creating pendant lighting. They add a farmhouse touch to any room.

Photo by Woodenbridge, Inc. 

Baskets as Decoration

Photo by Becki Peckham

Of course, the obvious choice for using baskets in the home is to simply display them as decor. Top a piece of furniture with your favorites or hang them on a wall like art work!

Photo by Jute Interior Design

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  1. So many great ideas! I am usually befuddled as to what to do with them. Also, I love wire baskets for indoors and outside. The more rust – the better. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the great ideas! I love the look of baskets, but I never seem to have the right size. Now I have a better idea how to use them. 🙂

  3. Do you know of a good site to look for slip covers. ? I have two barrel chairs. I’ve looked but can’t seem to find any.
    Thanks ! I love your blog. Have a great day !

  4. I have been collecting baskets for years, I might be a little obsessed with being organized. Many years ago we had a woman come to tour the home and make suggestions to balance the energy. She suggested it best not to store items under the bed but I like the idea of the baskets there. Lol…the very best thing I will be forever grateful for is her telling my husband that wealth escapes if the toilet seat and lid are not down!!!! He even reminds me sometimes. Still laughing.

  5. Thank you. Thank you. And thank you. Like other followers, I too collect baskets. The weirder the shape the better. The problem been, now what? Thanks to you, I have some great ideas how to better use them. You have no idea how grateful I am fir you and your designer skills. Happy 2022