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How to Transform Your Entryway with a Stunning Patterned Floor

Usually when we think of updating our entryway, our minds turn toward a new paint color for the wall, perhaps a new piece of art, or a new table or bench to place just inside the front door. But have you ever considered adding a colorful, patterned floor in your entry to make a memorable first impression? Today’s post includes a charming collection of flooring ideas, each with its own unique pattern. Take a look and see if any of these resonate with you.

The gorgeous stained glass windows on this front door of an Edwardian home might be enough pattern and color in an entry for most people. But this homeowner decided to add a gorgeous patterned floor that I absolutely love. Most floors like this are made of luxury vinyl which is rather affordable and so beautiful. Not to mention if you buy the thickest option, it feels cushy under your feet.

Edwardian home entryway with patterned floorPhoto by Imperfect Interiors


Serene blues and greens create the pattern on the floor of this light and airy entryway. I love the set of doors with a glass wall to help keep the home warmer when the outside door is opened in cooler temps. The floor reminds me of a quilt pattern.

Edwardian entrywayPhoto by Imperfect Interiors


If you have a wood floor and don’t want to buy new flooring, you can always paint a colorful pattern on it. When I ripped up all the carpet in my house, I found a hand-painted “rug” on the floor underneath. I kept it preserved for as long as I could but with young kids and two dogs, I eventually had to paint over it. I like the simplicity of this foyer’s painted blue and yellow floor. 

painted entry floor in yellow and bluePhoto by Cummings Architecture + Interiors


Stone is an alternative floor product that can also be used to create an interesting yet simple pattern. A mix of colors is used throughout the hexagonal pattern. I love this stunning entryway.

hexagonal stone tiles in foyerPhoto by Westbrook Interiors


At first I thought the flooring in this front hallway was luxury vinyl, but a closer look makes me think it’s tile.  There are so many options available today. Your biggest struggle will be choosing the right one. 

patterned floor in front hallwayPhoto by Stommel Haus UK


This Victorian home features a checkerboard floor in the small foyer, met with planked wood flooring in the main hallway.

checkerboard floor in foyerPhoto by Storie Collective


Brick is a classic pattern that’s durable and rich in color. The pattern is simply the way the bricks are laid. Here they’re reminiscent of a subway tile pattern, but they could also be placed in a herringbone fashion.

brick floor in old house hallwayPhoto by Northworks Architects + Planners


This stone tile floor in a windowed entry is subdued in color and pattern. So, if you like the idea of a patterned floor but don’t want anything bold, this is a great option for you. 

pale blue-green stone tile in sunroomPhoto by Leandra Fremont-Smith Interiors


And finally, a floor worthy of a ball room! A glossy checkerboard floor greets visitors inside the double doors of this grand home. 

glossy checkerboard floorPhoto by The Fox Group


What do you think of today’s collection of patterned floors? You might remember I chose a bold pattern for my recently redecorated bathroom.


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  1. You make a great point when stating that redoing the flooring in an entryway is a smart and relatively inexpensive way to make an impacting change. Hmmmm….

  2. Hi Jennifer,

    I love the patterned floors, especially the first one. I wonder if it is linoleum which I’ve learned is more sustainable and better for our health than off gassing vinyl. The old ways had their merits!
    The other benefit of patterned floors and carpets is that they hide the dirt.👍
    Happy May 1st! Bring on the warmer weather😎🇨🇦