Italian Country Home: Tranquil Living in a Rustic Farmhouse

Let’s do something different today! How about a virtual trip to an Italian country home by Zhenya Zhdanova that features tranquil living in a somewhat rustic farmhouse? What first caught my eye in the home’s living room was the stone wall behind the velvet couch. A beautiful, circular oil painting is the perfect adorning touch.

Italian country home living roomPhoto by Женя Жданова


On the other side of the room is an interesting, open-style winding staircase that perfectly frames a pair of animal prints – a cat and a dog. Perhaps they’re drawings of the family pets. In the small window to the right is a pretty collection of colored glass bottles.

open style staircase in Italian villaPhoto by Женя Жданова


And on the far side of the living room is a small bar area with gorgeous tile that reflects the blue of the couch and the yellow of the pillows. A gorgeous, wood cabinet holds a variety of spirits for entertaining. The Italian country home features arches in the ceiling – two above the windows, and another separating the bar from the cabinet. 

Bar area in Italian living roomPhoto by Женя Жданова


On the top floor landing, wood floors add richness to the space with its vaulted ceiling and partial stone walls. A modern-style light fixture hangs over the stairway, illuminating the steps when the sun isn’t shining through the window. The beautiful, painted cabinet probably has its own story to tell. A unique, three-legged chair sits nearby.

Partial stone wall in upstairs room of Italian villaPhoto by Женя Жданова


The cozy family room is perfect for a family with young children. A colorful coffee table opens to reveal toys and books. An exposed brick chimney pairs with the exposed stone wall. Colorful pillows and rug mix patterns that are pleasing to the eye. 

Italian family room with exposed stone wallPhoto by Женя Жданова


The other side of the room features a loft area with a small ladder for easy access. The kids can play in the loft while mom and dad watch television on the sofa below. 

Italian family room with exposed stone wallPhoto by Женя Жданова


Brick and stone work continue into the rustic farmhouse bedrooms. A painted dresser and headboard lend a bit of elegance and color to the sleeping quarters. A small alcove above the bed holds a treasured statue.

Rustic Italian bedroomPhoto by Женя Жданова


Another bedroom enjoys a stunning chandelier, vaulted beamed ceiling, and opposing stone walls. An old steamer trunk holds additional bedding for cooler evenings. Trunks on either side of the headboard provide additional storage while acting as nightstands. 

Italian villa bedroomPhoto by Женя Жданова


The bedroom enjoys a cozy reading nook at the far end of the room. The elegant wing chair sidles up to the window for reading light while a beautiful wood armoire holds clothing.

reading nook in a rustic bedroomPhoto by Женя Жданова


Another bedroom in aqua and white enjoys a view of the countryside outside the French doors. Look carefully and you’ll see a small nook with shelving to the right of the doors. 

European bedroom in aqua and whitePhoto by Женя Жданова


The bathroom features wood-planked walls paired with a beautiful stone wall. Bowl-type sinks and a pretty orchid lend a touch of elegance to the rustic space. 

Rustic bathroom with wood and stone wallsPhoto by Женя Жданова


Wouldn’t you love to dine and watch the sun set from this idyllic balcony? It reminds me of the movie, Under the Tuscan Sun, which I haven’t seen for a while. I might have to search for it on Netflix or Hulu and watch it again. I remember wondering how anyone would be brave enough to decide to move to Italy and renovate an old house on their own.

Italian countryside home with balconyPhoto by Женя Жданова


You can enjoy more photos of today’s Italian country home by Zhenya Zhdanova


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  1. What a lovely home. It feels so warm and cozy throughout. I especially like the stone work and the beautiful painted bedroom furniture.
    I would love to live there and I wouldn’t change a thing.