Collection of Quaint Cottages and Tiny Homes

Maybe it started with children’s fairytales. Or maybe it’s a result of my love of Beatrix Potter books. But as far as I can remember, I’ve always had a thing for quaint cottages. The small houses with all their charm seem like such a happy place to live. How could anyone not want to live in the world of Peter Rabbit and friends with its cozy little animal homes and charming gardens?

Yellow Cottage in a Garden

The yellow cottage above has interesting roof angles and dormer windows. It’d make a cozy vacation getaway for two.

I love the use of dark and light blue on the trim of this tiny house tucked into a garden at the end of a paver pathway.

White Cottage in a Colorful Garden

Pink is the perfect color for a Victorian cottage with a picket fence. Flowers appear to grown randomly throughout the yard.

Pink Victorian Cottage

Since you typically spend less for a smaller house, you can afford to indulge a little more in its location. A red cottage with a matching garden shed enjoys a prime waterfront location.

Colorful Cottages on the Lake

Here’s another quaint cottage on the water. What a perfect place to get away from it all.

Red Clapboard Lakefront Cottage

Stylish cottages can be seen in an array of hues. Due to their small size, a bold color doesn’t seem so overwhelming. An overflowing flower basket adds a punch of pink color against the blue clapboard siding.

Colorful Blue House with Hanging Basket

A row of identical cottages get their own look with color choice.

Street lined with colorful cottages

Street lined with colorful cottages

Modern tiny houses are popping up more frequently, although most of them are too small for my claustrophobic liking. I could do with 1,000 square feet, however. Did you know tiny house communities are available across the country? Could you live in one?

Modern Tiny House on Wheels

I prefer a cottage that’s more vintage – even an historic cabin cottage will do as long as it has modern day comforts like running water and electricity.

Wooden Cabin in the Woods

Wooden Bungalow with Street Light

A tropical cottage has well-groomed landscaping. Although the house is small, the front porch is still large enough to comfortably seat two people.

Florida Cottage with short picket fence

It almost seems like a picket fence is a must-have for a quaint little house. I like that this one is painted blue to match the trim on the home.

Blue picket fence with flowering bridal wreath shrub and residential house

Wouldn’t you love a seaside cottage? Whether you live in it or vacation there, it would be heavenly. I prefer a smaller house when vacationing since there’s less to clean, allowing you more time to while away the hours.

A sandy trail surrounded by brush leading up to a cottage on the beach.

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  1. Aren’t these just so pretty. I would love one somewhere in the woods on a lake. It would be fun to watch nature and relax.

  2. Although the house and shed weren’t my favorites, the LOCATION of the red house and shed, right ON the water, was almost dreamy. Wouldn’t it be fun to have the water within footsteps of your door? Or in the case of the shed, right on it!

  3. So cute. I’d love to know where some of these are located, especially the first yellow and white one, and wouldn’t it be great to see the interiors?

  4. Oh! The pink Victorian would be a dream. I could sit and look at that yard and gingerbread trim, all day. Also, love the blue picket fence to match the trim on the house, and the seaside cottage to listen to the waves as I drift off to sleep.

  5. Love these, one is very reminiscent of the resort we went to as kids. I will be poring over these beautiful cottages many times! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Lovely homes and pretty spaces! I like looking at the colors people use…even what roof style they decide on as it makes a difference that you really don’t realize that impact.

  7. These are all so cute and I love the coordinated pastel houses together. No, I could not live in them though. We have gotten so used to a lot of space that even though we talk about downsizing I doubt we will unless we just become feeble…and since the idea of that is so dastardly, I would prefer to “upsize” into the greater beyond.

  8. I love that yellow one. I want the room, that one, with the dormer…and what is that intriguing little roundlet up at the peak of the roof? Ventilation? And that white scalloped trim under those wonderful shingles!