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Super Cute Kennebunkport Tiny House

You may have seen this home on Pinterest, the exterior gets pinned a lot. It’s a super cute, blue shingle tiny house in Kennebunkport, Maine. Although small in size, it’s big on function and would make the perfect place to rent for an east coast vacation. Take a look!

Blue Shingle Tiny HousePhoto by Tyler Karu Design + Interiors


From the outside, the tiny house looks more like a shed but step inside to be amazed by the appearance of spaciousness. The living room is sweet and comfy, while the vaulted ceiling painted in white provides lofty appeal.

Bright and Cheery Tiny House Living Room Photo by Tyler Karu Design + Interiors


The small kitchen serves up all the functionality you need when cooking – just in a tinier blueprint than you might be used to.

Minimalist Kitchen in Tiny HousePhoto by Tyler Karu Design + Interiors


Not to mention – it’s super cute. A bird print wallpaper adds a touch of whimsy while open cabinets allow for artful display of kitchen staples.

Minimalist Kitchen in Tiny HousePhoto by Tyler Karu Design + Interiors


The bedroom isn’t really a separate room – as you can see the kitchen oven to the left. Even so, the space is defined with another fun printed wallpaper and a small closet that defines the kitchen space from the bedroom.

Mid Century Style Bedroom in Tiny HousePhoto by Tyler Karu Design + Interiors


The yellow and aqua color scheme is bright and cheery with a bit of a retro vibe. 

Mid Century Style Bedroom in Tiny HousePhoto by Tyler Karu Design + Interiors


The white bathroom has enough room for showering and primping in the morning. Every square inch is used thoughtfully in this charming little home.

Small Bathroom in Tiny HousePhoto by Tyler Karu Design + Interiors

You can see a few more photos of this Kennebunkport tiny house by Tyler Karu Design + Interiors over at Houzz. I really like this designer!


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  1. Good Morning,
    Thanks for not waiting till Sunday! What a sweet little house. Although, I would not care to live in one, year round, I could certainly see myself enjoying this space on a seasonal bases. It also has a lot of décor ideas that could be used in any size home. For a small house it packs a lot of punch!!! I especially liked the wallpaper, it gave me an idea for my cottage!
    Hope everyone is staying safe and inside. Your posts make our “stay in place” status here in Michigan much more bearable.
    Thanks & Take care,

    1. Hi Linda! I don’t think I could live in a tiny house either, but it would be fun to rent one for a weekend. Hope things are going okay for you in Michigan – I know that’s a hot spot. My sister lives outside of Grand Rapids. My family has rented an Airbnb near Lake Michigan this July and I hope we’re still able to go. I guess time will tell. Stay safe!

    2. That is the best refrigerator, but I could not tell who it was by. Love it. This is a awesome little place to stay on a vacay. Thanks Jennifer.

  2. I love this, it would make a perfect mother/ mother-in-law cottage. The perfect size an elderly person to care for and yet be independent.

  3. This is too sweet. I love living tiny now that we sold the house and moved. into a condo. It is an adjustment but you use every sq. inch. No more rooms that are not used. Thanks for the tour. Kris