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Stunning Historic Homes Nestled in Ferndale, California

Happy Wednesday, friends! It’s time to head back (virtually) to historic Ferndale to see more of the town’s stunning historic homes. The first time I posted about our trip to Humboldt County, I shared a collection of the Victorian cottages. Today it’s time to see some of the other beautiful homes that grace the streets of the quaint town.

Victorian homes in Ferndale, California

This stately home is sure to steal your breath away if you love the charm of older houses. It’s in great condition and is painted in great detail. Although it’d be a lot of work, I’d love to paint a home like this. When I was in college I painted houses for my dad’s decorating company during the summer months. I was always given the detail work, so it felt more like an art than manual labor.

Great painted lady in sunny Ferndale


Here’s another charmer that would be fun to paint. Like the house above, it has its share of detailed trim work. Ferndale needs to host home tours so people like me can see the inside of these historic homes.

Tan and green Victorian style house with picket fence


What do you think of the color on this home? It’s not a hue you typically see on a painted lady, but I like it. The wrought iron fence adds to its appeal.

Rust colored Victorian home in California


Pastel colors grace the exterior of this pretty home. Love the pink door!

Minty green historic home


You can book a room in this beauty – the Gingerbread Mansion. This inn is located on a side street, so it enjoys quiet surroundings. Not that Ferndale is busy and noisy, though. It’s a great place to visit if you’ve never been there.

Gingerbread Mansion - places to stay in Ferndale, CA


This yellow beauty caught my eye when we turned the corner of the block. Its bright yellow hue stands out against the blue sky and everything is neatly encompassed with a white picket fence.

Yellow Victorian home with picket fence


Yellow Victorian home with picket fence


Note the interesting circle trim work on this rose-colored Victorian home. I love that each of the historic homes in Ferndale are so unique.

Lavender Victorian house in California


Stained glass windows are a common sight among the Victorian houses.

White Historic Home in Victorian Style


Fences are a common feature throughout the streets and neighborhoods.

Light Blue Historic Home


Here are a few more of the amazing historic homes you’ll find throughout Ferndale.

Dark Gray Historic California Home


Victorian home porch


Large Victorian Home with Picket Fence


Brown bungalow home


White historic cottage style home


This modern farmhouse was next door to our Airbnb. Check out the colorful garage door while you take in all the details.

Mint green farmhouse in Ferndale, CA


Mint green farmhouse in Ferndale, CA


Mint green farmhouse in Ferndale, CA


A trio of wooden birdhouses create garden art at the very front of the yard.

Garden art birdhouses


Further down the street is a collection of rustic birdhouses.

Garden art birdhouses


The flowers, gardens, and beautiful trees inspired me to come back and work on my own gardens. Although I now think I have an addiction to buying flowers for the yard. I can’t seem to stop myself. Oh well, I guess that’s a healthy habit, right?

Pink flowering tree


I’ve still got more of Ferndale to share – the downtown area with its impressive Victorian storefronts, along with gorgeous views of the Lost Coast which is just minutes away from town. Stay tuned!


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  1. You missed 420 Berding St…. My old house. Of course the new owners ruined it by cutting my trees. So I don’t blame you🥰 beautiful pictures

  2. Beautiful, majestic, perfectly kept, historic, homes. ..What a nice walk back in time.. Thank you.