Decorating for Valentine’s Day

Ah, Valentine's Day! It's the bright spot in the middle of winter and has always been one of my favorite holidays. Today I'm taking part in a Valentine's Showcase with several other bloggers (see the schedule at the end of this post). As a kid, I loved taking a plain old shoe box to school and decorating it to hold all the Valentine's cards we'd get at our class party.  And now as an adult, decorating for Valentine's Day means flowers ... lots … [Read more...]

Easy Tulip Arrangement with White Ironstone

When it comes to home decor, is there anything more lovely than a bouquet of fresh flowers in the room? And what could be sweeter than an easy tulip arrangement that spills over the sides of its container? As luck would have it, I recently spied several bunches of tulips in the store that were calling my name. I don't recall ever seeing tulips for sale this early in the winter and had to have them. My love of flowers is credited to 3 people in … [Read more...]

Welcome to My Christmas Home Tour!

Welcome to my Christmas Home Tour ... coordinated by the "All Things Home" group!  I'm so excited and honored to have you visiting my humble abode during the holiday season. This past week I've felt like one of Santa's Elves scurrying about in a flurry preparing for Christmas! I hope you'll take time this week to visit all the houses on this week's virtual Christmas Home Tour ... there are 30 in all, filled with Christmas eye candy galore just … [Read more...]

Decorating with Vintage Finds

One of the best and easiest ways to decorate your home is to personalize it with things you love. For me, that means decorating with vintage finds. I much prefer a unique item from the flea market than I do a brand new shiny object that's mass produced. I still buy home decor items from Home Goods or World Market; it's just that I love the allure of a piece that has a bit of history attached to it. Like my recent Ebay purchase. This Maddock and … [Read more...]

My Farmhouse Style Fall Hutch

My love for fall decor is so intense that I need about three Octobers every year. One month of October just isn't enough to soak in all the autumn beauty both in and outside the home. Today I spent a little bit of time clipping branches from my Maple trees to create a Farmhouse Style Fall Hutch. White ironstone, gourds, and Maple leaves come together to add a punch of Fall to our dining room hutch.   Slowly but surely I've been building … [Read more...]

Take a Tour of My Cottage Style Farmhouse

This week is the Summer Showcase of Homes and you can see the entire week's schedule of homes at the end of this post. The tour is online so you can view these beautiful homes no matter where you live. Today it's my day to share my cottage style farmhouse with you and I'm pleased as punch to have you here with me! My butter yellow farmhouse was built circa 1875 and sits on a dead end street in a small town west of Chicago where the suburban … [Read more...]

Cottage Style Decorating in the Entry Way

My heart is torn between farmhouse and cottage decorating style, which means I typically end up fusing the two together as much as possible. I've been doing a bit of tweaking to the entry way, adding touches of cottage style. The entry way isn't a formal entry, but rather an extension of our living room. I had to be creative in positioning the furniture to appear like an entry and not just an unused portion of the living room. Our kitty Stella … [Read more...]

Summer Decorating Ideas for the Dining Room

With all the beauty that summer has to offer, you probably find yourself wanting to enjoy it both indoors and out. For me, summer decorating means bringing sunlight and fresh flowers into my home. Today I'm sharing summer decorating ideas for the dining room. A light, bright room is a must for summer decorating. A simple lace swag is draped over a branch from the yard for a fuss-free window treatment. I've made sure the curtain doesn't block any … [Read more...]

Summer Inspiration Decor in the Kitchen

When I think of summer I think of time spent outdoors and summer fresh food like fruits, vegetables and a plethora of summer salads. When I'm not outside, I'm spending summer days in the kitchen canning tomatoes, making potato salad, cutting up watermelon, and more. I like to keep my kitchen bright and airy through the warmer months of the year. My Summer Inspiration Decor always involves bringing flowers from the garden into my farmhouse. I've … [Read more...]

Decorating with White

White made its grand entrance onto the home decor scene with the introduction of Rachel Ashwell's shabby chic style. The color white is used profusely in shabby chic decor, using the color to unite worn objects from different eras. While some may think decorating with white is falling out of favor, numerous home decor sites still show an abundancy of white rooms. Country Living magazine has an entire section dedicated to decorating with white on … [Read more...]

Decorating with Lilacs and White Ironstone

The day I've been patiently waiting for has finally arrived! The lilac bushes are blooming and that means I can bring these delicate beauties indoors to fill our living space with their sweet fragrance. Decorating with lilacs is so easy to do because they are perhaps the easiest of flowers to arrange. Lilacs naturally spill over in a large enamelware pot. I didn't even arrange this grouping of lilacs. I took an enamel pot of water outside with … [Read more...]

May Flea Market Finds

Last month I shared my finds from the Kane County Flea Market, which is held the first weekend of every month. I decided I would continue to share my treasures each month from the flea market revealing what I paid for each item. I always try to find a bargain but I'm sure there will be times when I overpay for something. This month I found a few things, but not as impressive as April's flea market finds, in my opinion. It seemed like prices were … [Read more...]

Bluebells in Our Farmhouse Kitchen

One of my favorite decorating tricks is to bring fresh flowers into our farmhouse kitchen, dining room, and every other room under our metal roof! Last week the daffodils were in bloom and I brought a big bouquet of their sunshine inside. This week the flowerbeds are filled with bunches of blue ... Virginia Bluebells, that is. This beautiful-hued perennial is quite prolific, spreading itself throughout the garden a bit more each year.  Excited … [Read more...]

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