White House Collection: Timeless and Classic Appeal

I’ve shared pink houses, blue houses, and yellow houses – how about the timeless and classic appeal of a white house? Today I’m featuring 12 houses, each with their own unique curb appeal.

First up is a newer, suburban two-story with an attractive porch and an end-load garage. The only time I purchased a new home, I chose a corner lot and asked for an end-load garage to make the house look a bit larger.

Suburban White All American Contemporary Farmhouse


This older home with a white picket fence is more my style. I love its simplicity and porch with red rocking chairs.

White clapboard house with a white picket fence


Here we have the quintessential farmhouse that’s understated yet beautiful. The red roof above the porch is a nice touch. And a house with more than one porch is always a winner in my book.

Country farmhouse


The next two modern style farmhouses can be seen throughout our Chicago suburbs. Black and white is a popular exterior color combination right now. I’ve seen smaller homes being torn down and replaced with larger homes like this. I like the recessed porch and double wooden front doors on the first white house. The stone work on the second home and its fence is appealing.

Modern white farmhouse


I’m not positive, but this looks like it could be the back of the house above. It has the same siding and the same trim treatment at the peaks of the roof.

white modern farmhouse


Large white house with porch in Virginia


This little white house gets a coat of red trim. If you look carefully behind the leaves of the tree, you can see the curlicue scrollwork on the eave just above the adorable arched window.

historic white house


A hip roof graces the top of this elegant white house that entertains shade siding on the sides. A red door always looks great at the entrance. In early America, a red door meant the home welcomed weary travelers. They could find respite from their travels with a comfortable bed and a good meal.

Circa 1750 colonial home with hip roof,


If you prefer green over red, you’ll enjoy this farmhouse charmer. I like that the owner added a flowering vine with trellis on the right side of their home.

Anne of Green Gables house in Prince Edward Island


Here’s a classic, historic white house with a slightly grown-over brick sidewalk. I can imagine what the interior looks like – rich wood floors and an all-wood center staircase and hallway.

historic Oregon home


A red roof adorns this beautiful home with red and mustard colored trim.

traditional two storey american house


If you like dormer windows and a low slung roof, this cute home will pull at your heart strings. The porch is large enough to comfortably fit six rocking chairs!

white house with full porch


Do you like a white house? Or do you prefer something more colorful?


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  1. White houses aren’t my favorite unless surrounded with lots of trees and landscaping. It’s funny though, every time I see white brick painted another color, I wonder how long it will be before that decision is regretted.

  2. I know I’m a day late but I like to take my time when looking ar your tour of houses. I was busy, so waited till I had more time. I always love when you do these and yes I love white houses and trims they use. Thank you Jennifer.