The Beauty of a Stone House

Earlier this week I posted a photo of an historic stone house on my Instagram account. It received a lot of positive feedback. Since so many others love stone homes, I thought I’d share a few more here on my blog.

Gorgeous Old Stone House with Turquoise Shutters and White Picket FencePhoto by Rikki Snyder


A stone house immediately evokes a sense of charm. Maybe it’s from all the stone cottages you see in fairy tale settings.

Stone House with Tan Shutters and TrimPhoto by Rehkamp Larson Architects, Inc.


This beautifully restored Colonial home resides in Middleburg, Virginia and has won two awards from the American Institute of Architecture. I’m glad it was lovingly restored instead of torn down.

Historic Colonial Home with Restored Stone WorkPhoto by Donald Lococo Architects


A rustic entry with a mosaic style stone facade creates an elegant and warm look. So inviting!

Rustic Entry with Mosaic Stone WorkPhoto by


Here’s another restored Colonial home outside of Philadelphia. A stone house feels so organic and earthy – yet elegant at the same time.

Restored Colonial Home in PhiladelphiaPhoto by EC Trethewey Building Contractors, Inc.


A newer stone house in Texas takes on a Tudor vibe.

Tudor Style Home in TexasPhoto by Distinctive Dwellings – Thayne Hillrichs


I love the look of stone used with clapboard siding on an old country farmhouse. My only complaint is when not enough stone work is incorporated.

Stone and clapboard Colonial farmhousePhoto by Period Architecture Ltd.


Old Stone House with TurretPhoto by Archer & Buchanan Architecture, Ltd.


Here’s a newer home with a stone facade. You don’t find many new homes in our area with a beautiful exterior like this.

New Construction Home with Stone FacadePhoto by Durham Designs & Consulting, LLC


What’s your favorite exterior for a house? Stone, brick, stucco, or maybe clapboard siding?


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  1. Stone is dreamy. My favorite home in Ocala is a three story historic home made from stone and reminds me of a scaled down version of Biltmore House.

  2. I love stone and brick. When I did a trip to Toronto, Ontario a good portion meaning at least 90% of the houses in the suburbs were all made of brick and they were so beautiful. I was so in awe when I did a walk about and the many styles featured. Having come from the west coast of Canada where there are only a few brick and stone houses this was such a welcome surprise.

  3. I so love stone cottages… they are so cozy..they do give me that feeling of fairy tales from childhood when I dreamed of a little cottage with a round door and a cozy fireplace and of course my prince charming and all the ivy and roses in the world growing every where!! lol.. then I grew up.. I do have a cozy cottage in the woods but its only half rock tthe other half is wood and a porch that goes the whole width of the house and a balcony on the side so I cant complain..with trees and flowers all around!

  4. We lived in a big stine farmhouse in Pennsylvania. It was beautiful.
    When the weather changed to hot or cold, it took the stone about a week to absorb the change. We put spacers behind our paintings because sometimes the wall got damp.

    All the stone was brought by horse and wagon in the 1800’s from Allentown area to the Reading area. Just thinking of what the history of construction is amazing.

    We loved the house and living there.

  5. All stone homes look so strong, well built and hardly ever built anymore. So costly. I particularly loved the cream-trimmed ones. That tone-on-tone color looks so great, which is different for my normal “the more color, the better” attitude.