7 Fall Porch Decor Ideas to Copy

Halloween is right around the corner which means you’ll have more visitors knocking on the door. Even if you don’t decorate specifically for Halloween, fall decor is just as festive and inviting. Not to mention, you can keep a fall-themed porch through Thanksgiving. Here are 7 fall porch decor ideas to copy now! (This post contains affiliate links.)

  1. Pumpkins and Mums and Cornstalks – oh my!

    What’s great about using pumpkins for fall porch decor is that they work with either autumn or Halloween. I don’t typically carve pumpkins for Halloween, but I do use a lot of them on my front porch because they’re great both before and after the trick-or-treating season. Add cornstalks for texture and potted mums for color.

    Mums, pumpkins, and cornstalks create the perfect fall porch decor

  2. Add a Lantern to Your Fall Porch

    Days are shorter so it makes sense to add a lantern or two to your porch during the autumn season. Rather than turn on your porch light, simply light the lanterns instead for a cozy glow.

    Porch Lantern with Pumpkins and Fall Flowers

  3. Use More than One Wreath

    Most people add a wreath or some type of swag to their front door, but why not use more than one? You could even place it on a wall of your porch as opposed to the front door for a different and unexpected look. I like that these wreaths are a little messy – just the like autumn season itself.

    Fall front porch. autumn wreath and pumpkins on old wooden rustic background

  4. Take Furniture Out to the Porch

    Don’t be afraid to embellish your fall porch with a bit of indoor furniture. Just make sure it’s in a protected spot away from the elements. Or protect it with outdoor paint or varnish if you plan to leave the furniture out for an extended period of time. This porch enjoys a small sitting space created next to the dresser.

    Wooden dresser on a front porch for fall decorating

  5. Don’t Rake the Leaves!

    Neighbors thought I was a little wacky last year when I took big scoops of fallen leaves and threw them on the front porch just before trick-or-treaters arrived. Kids and parents loved walking through the crunch of leaves underfoot, and it created a more natural vibe. I’ll do the same again this year.

    Stucco home with fall front porch - pumpkins, mums, and fallen leaves create a cozy vibe

  6. Use Apples to Create a Fall Porch

    Pumpkins and mums are expected on a porch during the autumn season, but why not use apples instead? Apple picking is typically done during the cooler months and they look great corralled in buckets or baskets.

    Country porch decorated for autumn season.  Welcome sign on wooden front door

  7. Adorn the Porch Railing

    Don’t forget to add something pretty to your porch railing. After all, we deck our banisters for Christmas, why not fall? A simple wreath makes a big statement – or consider bittersweet or grapevines that are easy to twist and shape.

    autumn wreath on turquoise porch railing

When it comes to fall decor, you can go all out or keep it simple. Fall colors are so rich that this is the perfect time to incorporate a minimalist approach and still make an impact!


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  1. Where do you live that you will be having trick or theaters? Our area has basically discouraged any Halloween activity that might be unsafe during pandemic. On a brighter note I love your fall porch ideas. I was just talking to my sister about the fond childhood memories we have about walking through piles of crunchy autumn leaves.Love this season!!

  2. I think I like Fall decorating more than any other time of the year. There is something so inviting about pumpkins, mum plants, corn stalks and apples. The only bad thing about it is winter is right around the corner.

  3. I haven’t decorated outside for fall this year. I live in a very very rural area, so no trick or treaters ever come to my home. And with the amount of deer that travel thru my yard I have decided not to buy any pumpkins for the deck. In the past I’ve put out some potted mums and pumpkins but the deer come right up on the deck and eat them!