9 Fall Porch Decorating Ideas

Home decorating magazines filled with fall inspiration have arrived in my mailbox. And stores like Pottery Barn are stocked with cable knit blankets and plaid pillows. So I guess it’s not too early to share a few fall porch decorating ideas, is it?

Fall Decorating Ideas for the Front Porch

The steps above are overflowing with brightly colored pumpkins and gourds. But what I especially love about this look is the use of green vines as an accent. Rather than typical mums, I think the greenery creates a nice contrast. You could create this same look but scale it down so it’s more economical.

Speaking of scaling down, the porch below looks equally charming with just a few small pumpkins leading up the steps.

White Fall Porch with Small Orange Pumpkins


While most people decorate the steps leading up to their porch, don’t forget the area beside the steps. If you’ve got room, consider adding some adornment outside of the porch and step rails.

Pumpkins, colorful potted flowers on front door steps of the house, terrace, autumn holidays decoration


I love how the owners of this camping RV decorated their deck for autumn. Who says you have to have a porch to get creative when the seasons change?

RV Camper with Deck Decorated for the Fall Season


Sometimes (well, oftentimes) simplicity is best. A pair of large pumpkins make a statement resting on vintage wooden chairs.

Vintage Chairs with Large Orange Pumpkins on a Fall Porch


Or you could go the other route and fill a wheelbarrow with miniature pumpkins!

Wheelbarrow Of Little Pumpkins Fall Decor On Porch


If you grew zinnias in your garden this year, you’ve probably still got plenty of them blooming. They’d look great in a basket on your fall porch.

Basket of Flowers and Rocking chair on Porch.


I still love this cabin porch in southwestern Michigan. We stayed there a couple of autumns ago when we visited my sister’s farm. Do you see the lone, gray pumpkin at the end of the porch?

Cabin Porch in Southwest Michigan


And then there’s my fall porch from several years ago. I set up an al fresco dining area to enjoy a bit of Indian summer we were having.

Front Porch on Historic Home Decorated for Fall


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  1. Thanks I loved the variety you found to decorate for Fall, the second one was my favorite. Thanks and have a blessed day.

  2. All so pretty. Looking forward to cooler weather…96 in Boulder today. Sadly, for a number of years now, it has stayed hot until almost November. I’m a little grumpy about it. At least Colorado cools off at night even in hot weather.

    1. Ugh. 96 is too warm – even for someone like me who loves summer. I’ve noticed here in Illinois that it often stays warm through October now. Weird. Good thing you get cooler evenings!

  3. Happy Fall Ya’ll! Well it will be soon. My favorite time of the year!
    These sweet porches are getting me excited. Thanks for sharing them.