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When I decorate for the holidays, I tend to over-think things. In an effort to make holiday decor perfect, it seems like I end up over-doing and before you know it I have an unattractive mess on my hands. That’s when I start editing and editing and undoing a lot of the work I’ve just done. For Easter, I decided not to think too much and just go with my gut instinct … which led to lots of flowers for a quick Easter mantel.

How to Create a Quick Easter MantelWhen I think of Easter, I think of pastels. So when I wandered into the store and was greeted by bunches and bunches of flowers on sale, I took advantage of the situation and started decorating the mantel for Easter.


Easter VignetteThrow in a decorated Easter egg or two and you’re almost done.


Spring Mantel for EasterA cute little paper mache bunny box adds a vintage touch.


Spring Mantel for EasterFlowers make a softer impact when you use varying shades of the same color. Bouquets of pink and white roses add fresh spring appeal to my new mantel and brighten up the room. At the same time, I’m enjoying the slightly longer days. It gives me hope that winter’s almost over.


Easter VignetteOne good thing I do have to say about winter … it makes me appreciate spring and summer all the more. Although snow is pretty, I hate that it covers up God’s green earth. But when I see the crocuses poke their heads up out the cold ground, I have hope for sunshine and warm breezes and my heart sings.


How to Create a Quick Easter MantelAnd so when my heart did a little flip-flop when I saw these beautiful roses, I thought they’d be perfect for an Easter mantel.


How to Create a Quick Easter Mantel

I realize the roses will fade long before Easter, but I can replace them with fresh ones. For now, I simply wanted to provide a bit of decorating inspiration with you by sharing how to create a quick Easter mantel.


How to Create a Quick Easter MantelKeep it simple and line your Easter mantel with a row of small bouquets.  It’s quick and easy, and looks pretty no matter what flowers you choose.


Celebrations of Home - Easter HopFor more Easter inspiration, visit my blogging friends below who are sharing some of their ideas for holiday decorating.

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  1. Jennifer it’s so lovely! I tend to overthink my seasonal/holiday decor too but agree with you that when I edit it all down I find that it ends up looking so much better. Your mantel is just gorgeous!