Backyard Landscape Design Plan with Pond

My backyard has been a nuisance since the day we moved into our house. It’s small, has a shed, a skinny sidewalk, and a mishmash of plants. Before we had to cut down a couple of large dying trees back there, it was impossible to grow grass. Weeds on the other hand, had no trouble thriving back there. But now, I have a new landscape design plan for my backyard and I can’t wait for it to be transformed!!

The 11’x17′ pond will take center stage in the yard. The deck provides a place to sit and watch the fish, feed them, or dangle our feet into the water. The brick patio with pergola is going to create a cozy outdoor dining space. We’ll be able to see the pond and waterfall through the glass door at the back of the kitchen. The pebble beach creates a spot for kids to wade into the pond and enjoy exploring nature.

Landscape Design Drawing with Backyard Pond


Brian Helfrich VP of Construction at Aquascape, Inc. created the landscape design for my yard. He’s someone I work with and trust completely. Brian’s creativity and talent is beyond amazing and I’m honored to have him design my backyard. He made the above pencil drawing and I colored it in.

To give you an idea of how gorgeous a backyard pond can be, I’m sharing some photos of Aquascape ponds. Here’s a before and after pic that shows what can be done in a small space.

Backyard Transformation with an Ecosystem Pond


Pond plants soften the edges of the rocks while the waterlily pads provide shade and protection for the fish. If you’re a gardener, a pond gives you a greater range of plant choices to enjoy.

Backyard Pond with Koi and Waterlilies


I’m so anxious to enjoy koi like these when we get our backyard pond. It’ll be so relaxing to watch them glide beneath the waterlilies.

Colorful Koi in an Aquascape Pond


My pond will have a small waterfall to help aerate the pond water and keep it clean.

Backyard Aquascape Waterfall


The soothing sound of the flowing water will be like music to my ears.

Backyard Waterfall and Pond with Water Lilies


Doesn’t this backyard look like the perfect retreat from the world? Who needs a vacation when you can have this in your yard?

Backyard Koi Pond with Deck and Bridge


It’s best to position a pond near the house instead of in some far-off corner of the yard. You want it up close where you can enjoy it to its fullest potential.

Backyard Pond and Waterfall with Dining Area


Here’s one of my grand babies exploring a backyard waterfall several years ago. I can’t wait for the kiddos to come over and enjoy my new pond once it’s installed. But before that happens, we have some bushes and plants to move.

Baby Exploring a Backyard Pond and Waterfall



Stay tuned for my backyard makeover journey this summer!

Backyard Landscape Design with Pond


In the meantime, enjoy this short video and visit Aquascape, Inc. for backyard inspiration!

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  1. Amazing! Once you see it on paper you realize how doable it is. Good for you!! Thanks for making us a part of this dream come true 👏😇

  2. I love your yard plans, especially that pebble beach! Your grandchildren will adore that area! We had a pond about that large in our former home. It provided us with hours of enjoyment. I know you will enjoy yours! Can’t wait to see pictures once the work gets started!

  3. Oh, boy i can’t wait and it will be so exciting for you guys to sit out there and enjoy this summer. Happy Mother’s Day, that baby is so cute.

  4. Just heavenly! I’ve always wanted a pond/waterfall in my yard. Perhaps someday. I’ll live vicariously through you in the meantime!