Cute Houses in my Hometown

Today I’m excited to share with you a smattering of cute houses in my hometown. Not my birth town in Illinois, but the town where I currently live and blog. Many of you know that I live where the suburbs of Chicago meet the country farm fields … thus the  name of my blog, Town and Country Living. We enjoy the best of both worlds here. Travel to the east and enjoy the hustle and bustle of Chicago. Travel to the west and relish the idyllic prairie fields. Even though my town isn’t sophisticated, it’s charming in its simplicity and variety of architectural styles. So, are you ready to take a walking tour with me?

Cute Houses in Kane County, IllinoisWe’re going to begin and end our tour with this Victorian beauty. Streets here are quiet and tree-lined.

And since it’s the week of Halloween, you’ll see a few pumpkins and Halloween decorations.


Historic clapboard house via Town and Country LivingOur town has a variety of small and large homes. Some are well kept and some, not so much.

But isn’t that true of every town? I love the color palette of this clapboard cutie!


Cute Houses via Town and Country LivingI love the angles and windows on this home. By the way, we’re sticking to the west side of town.

So if my friend Lora wonders why her home isn’t pictured here, it’s because she’s an east-sider.

Not that there’s anything wrong with the east side … I’m just saving those cute houses for another post!


Red dilapidated barn via Town and Country LivingThis crooked red barn is right around the corner from my house. I love its weathered look.

From time to time, a few stray cats take up residence inside that barn.


Town and Country Living HomeIn case this is your first visit to my blog, this is my home! I took this photo in the summer.

If you’d like to see more of my home, you can see my summer home tour, or fall home tour … or both!

Or … if you’re in a festive mood, you can see my holiday home tour from 2012!


New home in a country town via Town and Country LivingWe do have newer homes in our neighborhood, like this one with inviting black rockers on the porch.


Blue clapboard house via Town and Country LivingA couple years ago they re-sided this house and I adore the fish scales at the peak!


Cute houses in my hometown via Town and Country LivingHubby and I both love the spaciousness of this home’s front porch.

And did you notice the diamond-shaped window on the side of the house?


Wagon as landscape decor via Town and Country LivingTwo houses down from ours, the neighbor added this rustic wagon to an unused portion of their yard.

I want it!! They also have an old gas pump by the garage but I couldn’t get a good photo of it.


Halloween decor in my hometown via Town and Country LivingAre you ready for some fun?? Another neighbor was busy decorating their house for Halloween.

I asked if I could snap some photos while they were working.


Halloween decor in my hometown via Town and Country LivingI don’t know how many hours they worked on this display, but it’s amazing!


Halloween decor in my hometown via Town and Country LivingThe ladders were out since they were still working.


Halloween decor in my hometown via Town and Country LivingI plan to come back on Halloween so I can see it at night all lit up.


Cute houses in my hometown via Town and Country LivingLet’s take a look at some of the cute houses on Main Street. Most of the flowers have died and gone.


Cute houses in my hometown via Town and Country LivingThis large stucco house is now attorneys’ offices. I want to hire one of their lawyers just so I can see inside.

I especially want to take a tour of the third floor.


Cute houses in my hometown via Town and Country LivingThis cute bungalow is an antiques store just a few blocks from home.

I’ve been inside this adorable house several times. The original woodwork is still intact. Gorgeous!


Victorian house in my hometown via Town and Country LivingAnd now we’re back where we started from. I hope you enjoyed this tour of cute houses in my hometown.

Next time we’ll go on a walking tour of the east side of town!

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  1. What pretty homes and boy they go all out for Halloween. We have a few homes that look like those in our town and a lot of them about 25 minutes from here. They used to have holiday home tours through part of them and then they stopped when the economy got bad. I sure hope they start that up again. I miss those tours.

  2. I enjoyed that tour very much. My favourite houses are yours and the Victorian one you began and finished the tour with. Though, I also like the one with all the Halloween decoration. It would be nice to see it without the decoration as well.

  3. I remember driving though Elburn on the way to my Aunts farm in Maple Park. My Mother would just Oh and Ah over all the houses. She would say its stuck in a wrinkle of time or a ghost town from the 1800″s. WE never saw anyone outside at the time. No children, dog walkers, or traffic….nothing. Thirty years later its so different . Last time I drove through it was bustling. Glad to see folks are caring for those Beautiful homes.

  4. What beautiful homes! Thanks for sharing them with us. My neighborhood has old homes of all sizes and styles very similar to yours. Halloween always brings a lot of kids to the neighborhood to trick or treat. Thanks for your lovely blog.

  5. I love small towns with homes like this. They are so beautiful and well kept. I love the very first house with the picket fence surrounding the lovely yard and also, your house. Thanks for the tour and I’ll look forward to seeing the east side.

  6. Hi!!!

    These houses are gorgeous!!! Small towns are the best for these older gems.
    I would love to go into the Antique store!!! I bet you would find a treasure within!!

    Thank you so much!!!


  7. How many different looks there are to neighborhoods in this country. Yours is charming, and it sounds like you have the best of two worlds there.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing that lovely home tour! I (briefly) resided in Darien, IL, and loved weekend side trips to view lovely older homes like these. 🙂