Historic Homes in the Valley

If you can’t tell by now, I love old homes! I grew up in a typical, suburban 1950’s quad level (a twist on the tri-level) and when I grew up, I knew I wanted something different. My first house as an adult was a bungalow-type Sears catalog home built in the early 1900s. As soon as I stepped in the front door with the realtor, I knew it was “the one.” Our second house was new construction and I hated it. Not that new homes aren’t nice … it just wasn’t for me. My current home was built around 1875 and despite its quirky flaws, I love it. And I love walking around looking at other old homes, even if I’ve seen them hundreds of times before. I just never tire of it.

I’ve admired this beauty for years. It’s located in Geneva, Illinois in the heart of the Fox River Valley.
So many amazing details in this stone home, especially the cupola … aka “widow’s walk.”
Right around the corner is this gorgeous clapboard home. I knew someone who lived here,
and I thought they were crazy when they moved out. They said it was too high maintenance.
This new home, made to look old, is next door. Another cupola!
Okay, I could probably live in a new house if it looked like this one. Gorgeous.
Blue houses are my favorite, and this is another charmer I’ve admired for years.
Love the shabby fence …
… and the little gate that greets you!
Houses don’t have to be huge to be beautiful.
I featured the front door of this historic stone home in an earlier post.
A sunny yellow home. I read somewhere that yellow houses sell 80% faster than any other color home.
Here’s the back of the same house.
And a closer look at its darling little windows.
This old house now serves as an attorney’s office. I’m lovin’ that blue-green color.
Another beautiful stone home just a block from the Fox River. I’d love to live in an old stone home.
This love affair with old houses will never fade. Wouldn’t it be fun to live in a different one every year?

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  1. Hi Jennifer,
    I love that small Stone/brick house trimmed in Brown on 31. It’s one of my favorites, I would love to see the inside.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Beautiful! I love old homes too. There are many beautiful ones in our area of New Jersey, and last Christmas we went on a “Holiday House Tour” where you get to tour lots of old Victorian houses decorated for Christmas in the Victorian style. It was amazing, and such a fun experience!

  3. I have always loved older homes.Sadly I have never lived in one.And I don’t know that I ever will.I guess that is why I have always love to decorate with old or vintage things.I know it is not like living in an older home but for me it helps.I live in an area with beautiful historic homes.I love driving around and looking at them.Thank you for sharing some special ones in your area.

  4. I filled up my coffee cup before I settled in for this Sunday morning house tour. I so enjoy looking at these beautifully kept older (and new) homes. The blue house captured my heart! Thanks for sharing. :@

  5. I love old homes, here, there and everywhere! I specially do love the yellow happy looking one, there! I love old homes and it’s architectural design, tall ceilings and wide spaces. The Spanish homes here are great too. Quito, the capital is a UNESCO patrimony because of the stunning colonial spanish homes and Cuenca where I live, also. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Oh, that was tons of fun, I love looking at old houses too, there was some beauties. Even thought they built new houses to look old, it just is not the same. At one time in my life I loved new everything…I’ve changed! Good luck on your stools, I sell a ton of stools large and small in my booth


  7. I have driven around many a time and taken pictures of old victorian homes and farmhouses. These are gorgeous. I get so nosey…I want to go inside sooo bad. I could care less about the personal items, I love all of the hidden architectual treasures in these homes. Each one is so unique…the patinas, the light fixtures, the kitchens and bathrooms…I have a friend that bought one and found AMAZING treasures in the attic.

    Ahh…can you tell I can relate?

  8. These are gorgeous homes… I grew up in a home built in 1900 in NJ, and live in Glen Ellyn Il now, and love the older homes here. I think old homes have a lot of soul and I love to think about the people who came before us… Thanks for posting!

  9. Hi Jennifer!

    You have so many interesting home in you neck of the woods… I have always love the look of old homes. I can imagine that they do take a bit of work to keep them in good condition, but newer home rarely have much character.

    I’m with you… if that new/old home was on the market in my area I would like to live in it.

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  10. Thanks so much for linking this beautiful post up to my weekly Say G’Day Saturday Party. Your pictures are stunning and I loved learning about the old homes in Illinois.

    I hope you will be able to join in and link up another fabulous post this weekend!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

  11. Hi Jennifer – Just found you through the Pinterest Blog Hop at In the Old Road – wow, I’m so glad I did!! Following you on Linky now. Can’t wait to see what else you come up with.

    Now as for old houses – I think we must be kindred spirits or it’s my English blood, but I love old houses. Have lived in some newer ones, but never felt “at home” in them. Currently living in a not so old 1935 Tudor house which we are lovingly refurbishing.

  12. Okay, that’s it for me tonight. I have to go to bed now so I can dream about Victorian homes! Thankyou for sharing all of those beauties! I’ll look at more tomorrow. Gina

  13. Oh all of these are so amazing! You should take a trip to Cape May NJ…you will instantly fall in love with the painted ladies! : ) Thanks for sharing these beauties! hugs…

  14. I love yellow houses too. My daughter lives in yellow houses. I will have to share them on my blog soon. I also love country blue houses with white trim. That’s what I live in now. I love these old houses you shared.