Eclectic Neighborhood: Charming Homes in the Chicago ‘Burbs

You gotta love spring in Chicagoland! It’s either snowing or it’s 60 degrees. There’s no in-between. So as long as there’s snow on the ground today, let’s take another snowy walk around an eclectic neighborhood in Downers Grove. Although today’s walk actually took place several weeks ago, I took so many photos that I’m still sharing them!

Gray and White Craftsman Home in Historic Neighborhood

First up are three craftsman style homes (above and below). Many of the houses in this eclectic neighborhood have been carefully renovated. You’ll also find newer houses mixed in with older ones. And on occasion, you’ll notice that some of the streets are paved with brick.

Dark Gray Historic Home in Downers Grove, Illinois


Mustard craftsman style home


When I turned the corner and saw this red beauty, my heart skipped a bit. I want to go inside and look out the large circular window. It’s probably a two-story foyer, but I could be wrong. There’s just something about a red house that pulls at my heartstrings.

Large red modern farmhouse in eclectic neighborhood


Here’s an example of a more modern house located on the old brick-paved street in the neighborhood. It has a round window too and includes the “cat slope” and arched door you see on Tudor style homes.

white modern farmhouse


Not too far away is a large, contemporary dark gray (or is it black?) farmhouse.

large black contemporary farmhouse


Here’s a view from the other side of the house. I’m sure it’s amazing inside.

large black contemporary farmhouse


Walking around the neighborhood, you really get to see the range of architectural styles. There’s something for everyone.

gray and white craftsman in an eclectic neighborhood


Who doesn’t love a full front porch on a classic farmhouse? So happy they painted it a cheerful blue.

aqua blue farmhouse with full front porch


And how charming is that gothic style arched green door and the little lamppost? Pretty charming, I’d say.

Brick Tudor Home in Illinois


Note the fancy scrollwork framing the upper right window on this Tudor home. I also love how a larger stone frames the windows and front door on the first level.

Brick Tudor Home in Illinois


Here’s a few more beauties I think you’ll enjoy.

Dark gray older home in Chicago suburb


Gray older home in Chicago suburb


This two-story Colonial was probably built in the ’50s or ’60s and is very typical of homes you’ll see throughout the Chicago suburbs. I like how the homeowner left the Christmas wreaths on the windows but embellished them with hearts for Valentine’s Day.

Classic Colonial two-story home in Chicagoland


And here’s a few more cozy homes in this charming and eclectic neighborhood 30 miles west of Chicago.

cozy blue cottage


red brick bungalow


white cape cod house with pale green shutters


little pink house in snow


gray and white bungalow in eclectic neighborhood


creamy yellow Tudor home


little brown cabin in snow


cozy cottage with hip roof


I hope you enjoyed exploring this charming and eclectic neighborhood with me. That’s one thing I love about the Chicago area. There are so many different styles of architectures throughout the city and its suburbs. You’ll always find something new to explore!


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  1. Charming indivuality. Each one expresses the obvious grateful pride the owners have in their homes. Heartwarming indeed.

  2. I love these tours and looking at all the different architectural designs. I love round windows and wish I had one. Thank you so fun.

  3. This helped calm my mind this cold Saturday morning.Time though to get my rose bush a trim as the warm air returns tomorrow and it has some growth on it already. A cat slope? I learned something today. I love white brick so even though I don’t like modern homes with those black trimmed windows, that is pretty! I see some red twigged Dogwood shrubs along that home with the wreaths still up with hearts now inside (such a cute idea!). Dogwoods have such great winter appeal with their red branches. Hoping to have a large Fernspary Gold’ Hinoki Cypress planted this spring! Oh the excitement! New plants!
    Stay warm Jennifer! Spring time changes tonight here.or is that tomorrow? well anyway…it’s on it’s way!

  4. This is a treat for today. Love neighborhoods with an eclectic mix, rather than the cookie cutter looks in newer subdivisions. That dark blue house is my favorite, but so many pretty ones.

  5. Thank you for the lovely tour! Since it’s too expensive to travel far, this really helps me feel like I can “get out” a little and see other places. I love the dark grey/black farmhouse! Wish I could peek in and see how beautiful it must be inside.

  6. Love the eclectic collection, imperfections of the settings and all. A dose of real life without all of the propped “lipstick”. Good job~

  7. Cheery little stroll for a cold Saturday morning. I love the porches, but also the cute little cottage with the green door and shutters, and the dark farmhouse!! Hard to choose a favorite. Might have to go back and take another look! 😊 Thanks for the post.

  8. Thank you for the lovely tour! Since it’s too expensive to travel far, this really helps me feel like I can “get out” a little and see other places. I love the dark grey/black farmhouse! Wish I could peek in and see how beautiful it must be inside.

  9. Beautiful homes. I was really drawn to the dark blue one in the 2nd photo and also that large red one but all have character. Kind of tired of the NE and wish I could head mid west lol.