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Hygge is a Danish word for a mood of coziness with feelings of wellness and contentment. It’s what my blogging friends and I ascribe to the first Saturday of each month when we come together for this cozy living series. Each of us shares what gives us that warm fuzzy feeling for that month, whether it’s a favorite recipe, new vignettes in the home, arts and crafts, or special activities. You can see my friends’ inspiration at the bottom of this post. For me, this time of year tends to invoke the coziest of feelings with the shortening of days and arrival of Thanksgiving and Christmas. And so, I’m sharing a list of 15 hygge activities you can enjoy now that invite a feeling of comfort, well-being, and happiness. (This post contains affiliate links – see my privacy policy.)

Definition of Hygge


1. Make tealight candle holders out of apples. Carve a hole in the top of an apple to fit a tea light candle. Place the candle inside the apple. Group a few apples together in a basket with cinnamon sticks for a wonderful fragrance and cozy feeling.

Apple tea light candles with cinnamon sticks in basket


2. Plan a fall picnic. In most parts of the country, there are still a few warmer days left. Host an outdoor picnic with a pretty fall centerpiece. Provide knitted throws for added warmth as the sun starts to set.

Outdoor fall-themed picnic


3. Create leaf wrapped jar candles. Gather newly fallen leaves from the yard and use twine or pliable branches such as heather to secure them in place around glass jars. You can apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to each side of the leaf to keep them from becoming brittle over time. The glue also helps to secure the leaves to the jar. Place a candle inside the jar and watch the leaves take on a special glow.

Autumn lantern jars decorated with colorful leaves and heather wreath.


4. Make tea with fall spices. Once the weather starts to get a chill in the air, a cup of tea with autumn spices will warm your soul. Simple Loose Leaf Tea shares their top 10 autumn tea recipes. Serve it in a pretty English tea cup and sip it while watching a British movie like Jane Eyre or Charles Dickens’ Bleak House.

Cup of tea in pretty cup with spices and lemon


5. Stock up on cozy throws and blankets. I always love adding a new throw or two when cooler temperatures arrive. It’s a fairly inexpensive way to pamper yourself and is one of my favorite hygge activities. Previous throws and blankets can be donated to shelters. If you’re good at sewing, you can always transform throws into scarves or mittens.

Fall blankets for hygge activities and cozy living


6. Take a drive on a scenic country road. The countryside is full of gorgeous color this time of year. Even after the leaves have fallen, the fields are still golden and beautiful. A rich red barn is always a pretty sight to see in the countryside,

Countryside red barn at sunset


7. Set an elegant table – just because. Most of us like to set a beautiful table for Thanksgiving or Christmas, but why not surprise the family with a pretty tablescape for no reason at all? Splurge on an autumn floral centerpiece, add some candles, and relish the ambience.

Beautiful table setting with autumn flowers, orange and pink napkins and burning candles.


8. Treat yourself to new socks. In addition to a new throw or blanket, I also love getting new socks for the fall and winter seasons. Last year I bought everyone in the family a pair of patterned socks for Christmas. I wasn’t sure how that gift would go over, but everyone loved them and are expecting a new pair this year. I buy socks from Bombas because they donate a pair for every pair you buy. They’re also super comfortable and come in fun patterns. I’m wearing a pair right now!

Warm patterned socks by the fireplace - Hygge activities


9. Make autumn sangria. A couple weeks ago during our fall leaf-peeping trip, I had the best autumn sangria at a Thai restaurant. Now I’m on a mission to replicate the recipe. I’d also like to try pumpkin or pomegranate sangria. Mule High Wine Tours shares 13 fall sangria recipes that all sound pretty appetizing!

Fall sangria - pumpkin sangria


10. Stock up on scented candles. I think we can all agree that fall and winter are the best time to enjoy scented candles in the home. There’s such an array of scents. I prefer cinnamon scents during the fall and pine scents at Christmas. What’s your favorite?

Fall candle with plaid throws - hygge activities to enjoy


11. Adopt a furry friend. Tell me, what could be more cozy and comforting than a furry friend to cuddle with during colder, shorter days? Of all the hygge activities on the list, this one has to be the best. I’m a cat person, but I like dogs too. You can adopt a loving pet from a shelter. Maybe one like this beautiful long-haired cat.

Orange and white cat in the window


12. Set a casual fall table. A special table setting doesn’t have to be fancy and elegant. To create a fall look, use textures like dried wheat stalks, golden oak leaves, linen or cotton napkins, and woven placemats.

Autumn table setting with dry yellow oak leaves


13. Enjoy a manicure and paint your nails in fall colors. Some women get really creative with fingernail art (sadly, I’m not one of them). This autumn nail polish treatment looks so fun and pretty. If I didn’t work so much with my hands, I might give this look a try.

Trendy manicure with fall-colored fingernails


14. Create a cozy reading nook. Set up a comfy spot in your house for reading a new novel or your favorite magazines. Add pillows and throws, grab a cup of autumn tea, and let your furry friend nestle in your lap for the ultimate in hygge activities.

Cozy reading nook in window seat


15. Stay up for the partial lunar eclipse. The longest partial lunar eclipse to occur in a century can be seen in the wee hours of November 19th. November’s beaver moon ascends and the earth will come between the sun and moon, covering about 97% of the moon’s surface, resulting in a red glow. If you don’t want to stay up after midnight, you should still be able to see the partial lunar eclipse during the evening of November 18th.

Partial lunar eclipse - red moon

Hopefully you’ll get a chance to enjoy one or more of these hygge activities. I’m especially excited about the partial lunar eclipse and am hoping for clear skies that night.


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  1. Coffee in hand, dogs laying by my side, I so enjoyed your warm message this morning. I just need to sit more as in stop and smell the roses..this was a really great pleasure this morning..thank you my friend:0)
    Now the manicure..I’m with you…would be nice but just wouldn’t stay pretty on my busy hands these days.

    It’s always overcast it seems for any sky parties happening here but I plan to make note of this eclipse and fingers crossed..I may get a glimpse of it.

    Why are candles so expensive? Lol! I do enjoy those plug-in lights with the ceramic melter tops..those 1803 Candle melts off Amazon ( I originally bought in a country store) are wonderful and easy to use..plus the little light warms the night kitchen space or any room I have. I just bought nutmeg and ginger with cinnamon..nice.

  2. Love your pictures for this post. It is just perfect for the seasons of cozy. I love Fall and I like Winter–so different than others but to each his/her own. Being on the couch readin a book under a fleece blanket. Knitting and or baking are some of the other things I like to do as well. But seems opposite to want to go outdoors but I love to walk during this time of year as well.

  3. A few years ago I found some books at the library about Hygge, an enjoyable read. That photo of the barn is gorgeous. I love barns, especially old ones. (LOL maiden name Barnes…maybe it’s genetic) I am going to try the leaf jar, it is so cute. Yes, my favorite time of year too. I adore the short days and cooler weather and all the cosy twinkle lights and candles etc.

  4. Thank you that was fun to read even though I’m a day late { been painting my bathroom and my muscles hurt where I didn’t think I had any lol!! I love Fall and all the colors and coziness it brings.