It’s Farmhouse Friday!

Today is the first edition of Farmhouse Friday with some of my farmhouse blogging buddies! Starting today, we’re bringing you a series of farmhouse style posts the 4th Friday of every month. I’m so excited to bring you this new series because farmhouse style has really grown in popularity the past few years. We decided to launch things off by sharing what farmhouse style means to each of us. Be sure to visit my farmhouse friends and see what they have to say about this popular decorating style. Links to their blogs are at the end of this post.

Farmhouse Living RoomWhen I think of farmhouse style, I think of simplicity. Nothing fussy. Just good clean lines with furniture and flooring that can take a lot of wear and tear.


Farmhouse Dining RoomSoft vintage textiles like my blue and white tablecloth are another element of farmhouse style I love. You know, linens that are handed down from one generation to the next. As a general rule, farmhouse families re-use and recycle.


Farmhouse Style BedroomHomespun textiles like soft quilts are staples of the farmhouse bedroom. The Amish are well-known for their quilts in beautiful colors. I think they always look great on a bed, no matter what the pattern or color.


White IronstoneUtilitarian pieces that are both functional and beautiful are the perfect choice for infusing a touch of farm style into your home. For me, that means lots of white ironstone. I love the color and white ironstone comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, some with more flourishes than others.


White Ironstone CollectionMy personal decorating philosophy is … you can’t have too much ironstone!

Even a stack of plain platters looks beautiful.


Vintage Mirrors from the Flea MarketVintage mirrors are my other weakness. I like to group them on walls throughout my circa 1875 farmhouse. They reflect the light and create an airy look.


Collection of Vintage Mirrors in My Dining RoomI recently added more mirrors to the wall above my dining buffet.  There’s only one window in this room so the mirrors and white walls help to bounce the light around in here.


Glass and mirrors vignette at Town and Country LivingIt’s fun to layer the mirrors too. And here’s another element of farmhouse style …

I used an old barn board for a shelf in my living room.


Farmhouse KitchenSpeaking of shelves, I like open shelving in my kitchen. A farmhouse kitchen doesn’t typically have a lot of high-end features. Instead, you’ll find big old built-in cupboards like the one here in my breakfast nook.


Summer in a Farmhouse KitchenThe working side of my kitchen is simple yet functional. Farms are about growing food, and although I don’t live on a farm, I have a sizable vegetable garden and do some canning every year.


Lilacs in a BasketFinally, bringing flowers in from the garden are another way to infuse farmhouse style into your home. Again, nothing fancy … just simple bouquets that let the beauty of the flowers stand out.

I hope you enjoy our new Farmhouse Friday series, the 4th Friday of every month!

Be sure to visit my blogging friends below to see what farmhouse style means to each of them.









JUST WHAT IS FARMHOUSE STYLE- every home needs a little





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  1. Jennifer, you are a farmhouse maven! I could just live in your kitchen and be perfectly happy! LOVE your ironstone too! So fun partying with you!

  2. So glad you are starting this series. I am in the process of turning a mish mash of styles in my home – tuscan kitchen, shabby chic living and dining rooms, hodgepodge family room, and beachy bedroom into one cohesive look – farmhouse style with touches of french country using a neutral palette. I have already finished one room and your blog and the others who are participating have been my greatest and most helpful sources of inspiration!! I am loving the new look so far and have used many of your ideas. I can’t thank you and the others enough for sharing – I am finally starting to love my home.

  3. As always just beautiful Jennifer!

  4. Love it all!!! What a great series!!!

  5. I am so excited about this series! Your home is so beautiful. Hope you have a happy weekend, CoCo

  6. Yay, a new series! I think you captured the essence of your gorgeous farmhouse perfectly here.

  7. I cannot even say which photo here is my favorite. Your home is fantastic!!!

  8. Love that photo of all the mirrors in your dining room! Just go ahead and ship them off to my house 🙂

  9. Thanks for asking me to be a part of this wonderful monthly series, Jennifer! Loving everything in your home♥

    Enjoy your weekend!


  10. Jennifer I always enjoy seeing your home. So many pretties. Love those frames


  11. Cindy

  12. Jennifer, I love your collection of mirrors and how you display them . Was your house originally on a farm? I think the history of a house is always interesting.

  13. Your collection of antique mirrors is wonderful, Jennifer, and your ironstone crocks are too! Your bed looks so cozy and comfortable and the quilt is gorgeous. The photographs are beautiful of all!

  14. Jennifer, I love everything about your charming farm house.

  15. Your house is so beautiful Jennifer! I love how bright and refreshing it always looks. Thank you SO MUCH for asking me to be a part of this wonderful series! ~Megan

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