Montana Cabin in the Heart of Big Sky Country

Join me in the heart of Big Sky Country for a tour of a cozy and rustic Montana Cabin by Yellowstone Traditions that’s sure to give you warm fuzzies. The main home and outbuildings on the expansive property were beautifully renovated, and now we all get to enjoy the end result.

Montana Cabin PorchPhoto by Yellowstone Traditions


Step inside and prepare to be wowed with wood vaulted ceilings, an easy flowing floor plan, and a stone floor-to-ceiling fireplace. Note how a painting of the countryside first appears to be a window looking out. What a clever way to create a “window” where there is none.

Rustic cabin living room with fireplacePhoto by Yellowstone Traditions


I don’t know what it is about these warm and rustic interiors that I find so appealing lately. I mean – I used to be such a huge fan of white rooms but now find myself craving rooms that give you a big old hug.

Although the kitchen has a lot of darker wood, it doesn’t feel oppressive. Just beyond the door is a sun room that allows plenty of natural light to flood the kitchen.

Rustic Montana CabinPhoto by Yellowstone Traditions


And speaking of windows, the dining room has an amazing view of the mountain ridge just beyond the prairie space. The dining room itself isn’t too shabby with its honey-toned dining table and gorgeous Windsor chairs

Montana Cabin dining roomPhoto by Yellowstone Traditions


The Montana cabin master bedroom also enjoys views of the expansive property.

Rustic cabin master bathroomPhoto by Yellowstone Traditions


Another cozy bedroom with enough bunk beds to have a party! We’re renting a cabin style house close to Christmas in Galena, Illinois. It has a room with bunk beds and I think I’ll re-live my youth and sleep in one.

Rustic bunk roomPhoto by Yellowstone Traditions


The bathroom has a few elements of the rustic wood found throughout the Montana cabin. I’m not sure what material is used in the shower, but I like that it’s not individual tiles. 

Cabin bathroomPhoto by Yellowstone Traditions


The outside of the Montana Cabin is just as appealing as the inside. This view reminds me of Illinois with prairie grasses and grain silos in the distance.

Montana cabin porchPhoto by Yellowstone Traditions


Here’s one of the many restored outbuildings on the property. Just think what you could do – create potting sheds, guest houses, craft room, she shed, man cave – the opportunities are endless.

Rustic wooden outbuildingPhoto by Yellowstone Traditions


As dusk settles, sit on the porch and enjoy the view of the pond and stars in big sky country.

Rustic Montana home by the lakePhoto by Yellowstone Traditions

Enjoy more photos of today’s Montana Cabin by Yellowstone Traditions.


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  1. The tiled countertops are so homey. We never had them in my childhood home but some of our neighbors did and I can remember thinking, when I was young, that I wish we had them in our home too. My friends said that they broke a lot of glasses and dishes on them, though. If I bought a home with tiled countertops in it, I would never replace them. Sooo nostalgic!

  2. I loved this house and all of its rustic-ness, but geez, not a tree in sight. I would have to have this home built where there were trees.

  3. My husband and I are looking to come to big sky in august and I’d love to stay at this property. do they rent it out? it’s absolutely perfect.

  4. Love this so much. Even though I like lighter colors the big windows add so much light. The restored building looks awesome too. Would like to see whats inside. LOL…

  5. Love this home, and the surrounding property. The only thing that I’m not crazy about, are the tile countertops. But everything else is amazingly cozy, and beautiful.