Snug Cabin Home Tour

You may have noticed recently that I’m discovering a new fondness for darker, cozier interiors. Today’s snug cabin home tour is filled with cozy rooms in richer colors. The effect is warm and welcoming.

Snug Cabin Entryway in Dark ColorsPhoto by Heidi Caillier Design


Dark gray paint covers the entryway paneling. It’s like stepping inside and getting a big hug.

Dark Gray Paneling in Cabin EntrywayPhoto by Heidi Caillier Design


A golden couch adds a pop of color in the living room against the dark walls.

Rustic Living Room in Cozy CabinPhoto by Heidi Caillier Design


A beautiful fireplace in the cabin home living room creates a place to toast your toes.

Fireplace in Snug Cabin HomePhoto by Heidi Caillier Design


I love the look of real wood with dark room features so the snug cabin dining room has stolen my heart. The unique chairs are an added bonus.

Snug Cabin Home Dining Room with Dark Gray WallsPhoto by Heidi Caillier Design


Dark paint and warm wood floors continue into the kitchen.

Dark Gray Cabin KitchenPhoto by Heidi Caillier Design



Dark Gray Cabin KitchenPhoto by Heidi Caillier Design


The bedroom paneling is a deep forest green, reminiscent of the Washington forests outside of Seattle where the house resides.

Rustic Cabin Home BedroomPhoto by Heidi Caillier Design


Rustic Cabin Home BedroomPhoto by Heidi Caillier Design


This snug cabin home has amazing views of the nature surrounding the house.

Sun Room with Rattan FurniturePhoto by Heidi Caillier Design

You can see more of today’s snug cabin home tour by Heidi Caillier Design over at Houzz.

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  1. This cabin has really gone over to the ‘dark side’. Nothing cozy about it. Mountain cabins need to be lighter and brighter, because all the tall trees, combined with an abundance of dreary days, make them plenty dark enough all on their own.

  2. Hi, I agree with Susanne it is way too dark for my liking. Just looking at the pictures made me feel like I was in a cave.

  3. It is a dreamy place, you know the kind of place you just sit and enjoy the peace and quite and dream.

  4. I love the dark coziness of this cabin. And, oh my, the dark walls with the polished wood countertops in the kitchen nearly made my heart skip a beat.

    1. Also, Jennifer, I don’t seem to be receiving your blog as an email – I’m only getting it through my facebook feed. Is that intentional or something missing on my part?

  5. this has been my favorite post of yours EVER ! I too, am drawn to the dark interiors. Living in a 100 year old house, it truly seems warm and inviting. thank you for sharing!

  6. I was just commenting to a friend how surprised I am that the “all white look” has lasted so long. As beautiful as these rooms are, I prefer décor with the darker, richer colors accented with beautiful wood. I think the cabin you shared with us was warm and cozy. After so many white rooms, it may take a while for us to become reacquainted with color again. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Comfy rich colors, cosy warm and so inviting … come in, leave all you’re stressing behind, pick up a book or just look around out into nature. I love the richness of dark interiors ….. ENJOY !!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing. (I love how different we all are, our styles and choices!)

  8. I love it all . Could you please share the paint color and brand with us! Especially the room with the gold sofa.