Purple Farmhouse Blends Old and New

Purple farmhouse? Yes, this historic farmhouse wears a shade of purple on the outside, as well as a dash of the color on the inside too. But what’s truly amazing about this home is its blend of old and new. If you love historic architecture but crave modern conveniences, this is the house for you!

Farmhouse Kitchen with Painted Cabinets and Wide Plank Wood FloorPhoto by Cummings Architects


The kitchen has warm, honey-toned, wide plank wood floors made from original ceiling boards. Hand-planed cabinetry and old-fashioned hardware give a nod to the historic age of this charming Massachusetts farmhouse.

Farmhouse Kitchen with Painted Cabinets and Wide Plank Wood FloorPhoto by Cummings Architects


The mudroom wears some of the purple coloring that you’ll see dotted throughout the home.  I’m envious of this space with ample storage – not something you generally see in older houses.

Farmhouse Mudroom with Purple TrimPhoto by Cummings Architects


The family room is bright and airy with plenty of natural light. The same honey-toned floors add an element of warmth to the uncluttered space.

Light Gray Farmhouse Family RoomPhoto by Cummings Architects


I love how the architect was able to salvage doors and use them in new places throughout the house. It gives the home integrity even though it’s been updated with modern conveniences.

Old Salvaged Door in MudroomPhoto by Cummings Architects


The purple farmhouse has an historic fireplace with the trim painted in a similar shade as the home’s exterior. I have to admit, I love an old fireplace far more than the new ones you see today. And look at the cute vintage sheep marching across the mantel!

Purple Farmhouse Historic FireplacePhoto by Cummings Architects


The vaulted bedroom is simple and clutter-free. My goal is to make my own bedroom as simplistic (yet beautiful) as this one.

Vaulted Bedroom in an Historic Purple FarmhousePhoto by Cummings Architects


Old ceiling beams were kept in the renovated bathrooms. I love that the architect paid so much attention to period details.

New Bathroom in Historic FarmhousePhoto by Cummings Architects


And here she is! The exterior of the purple farmhouse in all her glory. Simple, yet beautifully refined.

Purple Farmhouse in MassachusettsPhoto by Cummings Architects

Enjoy more photos of today’s stunning farmhouse by Cummings Architects over at Houzz.

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  1. Love how they kept a lot of the charm and character of the farmhouse. The fireplace is rustic and inviting. I love purple and farmhouses, so two of my favorites in one. Simply beautiful!

  2. I’m surprised at the purple color, but it seems to work in this home. The simplicity is refreshing and to have a mud room in a historical home is both amazing and practical. If I could design a home from scratch, the very first thing on my list would be an actual mud room, not just an “area” taken from a foyer or kitchen back door.. I’ve never had one in all my years of children, grandchildren, dogs and cats with litter boxes. It’s been a dream unfulfilled, and I appreciate those designers who include one. Thank you for bringing us both the traditional and the unusual.

  3. It reminds me of home. One exception……..ours wasn’t purple. It’s because we only had yellow paint. I love that house and every thing in it.

  4. Hi I loved the way purple was added for a splash of color I liked the fireplace the best is the fireplace usable?

  5. Not my favorite color but would take it in a heartbeat anyway! Love the fireplace & the storage. Thank so much!

  6. A lovely home the color purple is one of my favorites. I loved all the storage and the architecture especially the beams in the bathroom, you don’t see that very often or ever. Thank you