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Tennessee Farmhouse Cottage in Maryville

Are you ready to see inside a charming little farmhouse cottage nestled just south of Knoxville in Maryville, Tennessee? This is the Airbnb house that we stayed in two weeks ago and so far, is my favorite rental vacation home. I even made a video tour you can watch at the end of this post.

Cape Cod Cottage in Maryville, Tennessee


Part of the reason for this trip was to scope out the area. My oldest daughter plans to move to Tennessee in about 4 years and I’m considering moving there when we retire. But first, I need to check out the different areas.

When you step inside this Airbnb you’re greeted by a charming living room with white shiplap walls and rich wood floors. The decor is on the minimalist side which is fine by me. The home feels cleaner to me when there’s less stuff.

Minimalist Living Room in Cape Cod Cottage


I took these pics with my iPhone so they’re a little grainy. Since we flew to Knoxville, I didn’t want to haul my camera equipment onto the plane. The dining room is through the left doorway in this photo, while the stairs, downstairs bathroom, and master bedroom are through the door to the right.

Minimalist Living Room in Cape Cod Cottage


I think the dining room was my favorite space. The table was already set and looked so pretty. Don’t you think it looks like a scene from a Fixer Upper episode?

Farmhouse Dining Room in Tennessee


The decorative touches made this Airbnb feel like home during our stay. I was thinking that I could live in a home like this when/if we move to Tennessee. It’s just the right size for hubby and me.

Farmhouse Dining Room


The kitchen is updated with beautiful wood cabinets and a colorful tile back splash. I forgot to remove my purse from the counter before snapping the photo.

Modern Country Kitchen in Neutral Tones


On the opposite wall in the kitchen are more farmhouse touches. Cute, right?

Farmhouse Kitchen Shelf


Maryville is just south of Knoxville and is quite charming. Our favorite restaurant during our stay was the Walnut Kitchen just a short drive from the house. It’s a farm-to-table restaurant. I ordered the trout which was excellent.

Wooden Farmhouse Kitchen Utensils


The master bedroom features a black metal bed. Of all the Airbnbs I’ve stayed in, the beds in this home were the most comfortable by far. Even the sheets and comforters were so soft. Yes, I checked the tags to see where the owner got them from. Room Essentials, which you can find at Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I’m definitely ordering some!

Farmhouse Bedroom with Black Metal Bed


I wish I had taken a photo of the wood staircase that leads upstairs to two more bedrooms. But I did take a video tour of the farmhouse cottage that shows the steps and layout a little better. You can see it at the end of this post.

Cozy Farmhouse Bunk Bedroom


A cozy little reading corner in this bunk room was so charming.

Cozy Farmhouse Sitting Room


Here’s the third bedroom, which is where I slept. I let everyone else choose their rooms first because I can fall asleep anywhere.

Farmhouse Bedroom with Black Metal Bed


More cute touches in the farmhouse cottage – white fluffy towels with a little faux plant.

Farmhouse Bedding in White and Gray

I highly recommend this cute little Airbnb if you’re ever in the Knoxville area. We did take a day trip to the Smoky Mountains and explored downtown Knoxville. Next year, I’m checking out the Chattanooga area.


Here’s a video tour of the home with a little help from my granddaughter.


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    1. Hi! Husband and I are looking to move to Eastern, TN. We are serious bible walking christians and would like to buy 1 1/2 – 5 acres of land we can garden on, park/live in rv 1/2 the year [2nd home type thing], and sell our sewing/woodworking/organic veggies/sour dough solar oven baked goods from. We value forest and privacy and this country and our constitution. [We are Republicans!] – would we fit in here? Can u recommend a town? Thank you.

  1. Adorable AB&B. I like the split stairs too! Very unusual. You have an adorable granddaughter as well. Thanks for sharing, Jennifer.

  2. Awe…cute Air B&B. Glad you are checking out TN. I am from Knoxville and we love living here. Lots of nice surrounding areas also. I know you will find areas in Chattanooga and Nashville you will like as well. I know you will want to be the close to your daughter…so, Knoxville is it!!! 🙂

  3. Really enjoyed your post and tour. It was fun putting a voice to your face! And your granddaughter is adorable!! What a great memory you made for her. ❤️

  4. I love Tennessee, it’s a beautiful state, been there a couple of times. This was a really nice place to stay, i could live here too, just big enough for family visits but not too big to clean, Your granddaughter is a cutie.

  5. Please come back to Maryville! We moved here sixteen years ago to be near family and love it. Close to Knoxville and the Smokies. Wonderful mountain views. If you come back would love to show you around!