A Cute Bungalow Style Home for My Daughter

Last week I wrote about house hunting with my daughter and her family. Today I’m back with good news. My daughter and her hubby found a cute bungalow style home to raise their young family! And be forewarned, there are a lot of pictures ahead.

Craftsman Style Front Door


Last Saturday we toured five homes and the fifth one was the winner. Things moved quickly and yesterday was the home inspection. I took the opportunity to take a ton of photos to document Bridget’s new journey. This is a view of the front door from inside the house.

Entryway in Bungalow Style Home


Bridget likes charming older homes and this one fills the bill. Here’s a look into the living room with loads of natural light shining on gorgeous hardwood floors.

Bungalow Style Living Room with Hardwood Floors


The dining room is right off the living room through this adorable arched doorway. The door to the right is a coat closet.

Arched Doorway in Dining Room


A built-in china cabinet resides in a corner of the dining room. The bungalow style home was built in 1927 which makes me wonder if it was a Sears kit house.

Built-in China Cabinet in Bungalow Style Home


The kitchen is small but cute. Bridget is a plant fanatic and she’s excited to put some of her green collection in the atrium window above the kitchen sink.

Bungalow Kitchen with Atrium Window


The French door in the kitchen leads out to a charming little porch.

French Door in the Kitchen


Kitchen Door Leads to Back Porch


I love this porch with its painted floor. What a great place to put a little table to enjoy your morning coffee.

Back Porch in a Bungalow Style Home


The home has lots of charming details, like the cute Edison light. The room on the other side of the small window is the powder room. Let’s go check it out!

Back Porch in a Bungalow Style Home


Can you see what’s missing in this room? The lid to the toilet seat! It’s an easy fix. The original sink is in the garage and Bridget and her hubby asked the seller to leave it so they can put it back in!

Powder Room with Pedestal Sink


The stairway is off the living room and you can see there’s another arched doorway. I love the little window! Baby Forrest was a good trouper while we waited for the home inspector to finish his job.

Staircase in Charming Older Home


Staircase in Charming Older Home


The house only has two bedrooms but they’re both rather large. This is the master bedroom with its wonderful wall of windows.

Master Bedroom in Bungalow Style Home


There are two closets that you can walk into, and this one has a window.

Master Bedroom Closet in Older Home


This is still the same closet. It’s rather long.

Master Bedroom Closet in Older Home


The upstairs bathroom is small but functional. It’s hard to tell but the shower wall is subway tile.

Charming Bathroom in Older Home


The boys will share this room and there’s plenty of space for them.

Second Bedroom in Bungalow House


They have a similar closet in their room. It’s plenty big.

Bedroom Closet in an Older Home


The bedrooms are directly across the hall from each other, with the bathroom in between to the left.

Bedroom Doorways


And look! All of the interior doors have glass doorknobs. I had these in my first home which was a Sears kit house.

Vintage Glass Doorknob


The house has radiator heating which I’ve heard is the best type of heating system. The basement runs under the entire house so it’s rather large. There are two radiators down here – and a few cobwebs too!

Radiator Heating


The bungalow style house has a stucco exterior which is in excellent shape. It needs some new landscaping and if it were me, I’d paint it a different color. But that’s for Bridget and Mike to decide.

Bungalow Style Home in Suburban Chicago


The front porch wraps around a little to the side of the house so there’s plenty of room for enjoying warm breezes out here.

Front Porch on Bungalow House


Finally, here’s a rear view of the bungalow style home. I’m so excited for Bridget and so happy she was lucky to find her charming older home. Now comes the hard part of waiting for closing day on April 5th!

Bungalow Style Home in Suburban Chicago


Little Foo made it through the home inspection – almost!

Tired after a day of house shopping


Thanks for putting up with so many photos, but I want to document my daughter’s journey with finding her bungalow style home. It’s such a special time! Oh, and no red flags were raised during the home inspection so now they’re just working on the mortgage loan.

Here are a couple of edits on how Bridget’s house is being decorated:

Boho Chic Dining Room

Bungalow Boho Living Room

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    1. Now comes the sleepless nights! Decorating in your head…paint colors, furniture arrangements, what goes in what cupboard, landscaping…the list goes on!!! Best wishes in your new home. Hope you’ll share your progress with us.

    2. Congrats!! Just finished looking at all the photos!!! Love bungalow style homes…. ohhhhh those arches… and stairs and hardwood floors!!!! Just beautiful ……………………….

  1. I love cottage style homes. They are my favorite ! Your daughter is just lovely, and o my what a cutie Grandson ! There is nothing like grandchildren! I know how you enjoy them ! Thanks for sharing this nice home.

  2. You are certainly blessed. What a lovely home, I hope it is close to you. Congratulations to your daughter and her family. Well wishes and many happy memories for them in this darling house Please post updates when she gets settled!

    1. Hi Sandra! My daughter’s new house is about a 40-minute drive away, so not too bad. All of my children live in the Chicago area which makes it easier to get together. I’ll definitely post updates on her new home!

  3. My very favorite style home! It is finished very well….inside and out. Most people love the open concept these days…and I don’t dislike it….but my heart really lies in separate rooms where each one can have it’s own personality….but yet blend with the rest of the home. Your daughter is so fortunate to have found her dream home. I know you and her will have a ball talking, and planning. So good to have a Mom who knows her business! Have fun and congrats to your lovely daughter!

    1. Hi Char! I’ll take an older house over a new one any day! For a while I liked open concept, but I do lean more toward designated living spaces. Someone told me they didn’t like their open concept floor plan because if one area was messy, it felt like the whole house was messy. I can see how that makes sense. 🙂

    1. Hi Margie! One thing I love about this home is the number of windows. I always feel claustrophobic if a house doesn’t have enough windows to suit my needs. I need lots of natural light I guess. 🙂

  4. Cute house, and the hard work was already done! Newer windows…yay!
    That house reminds me of our first house, especially the kitchen. We put Ikea wood countertops in and it looked great with the white. It was pretty easy to do.
    Congratulations to you and your daughter. Have fun moving and decorating!

    New Hampshire

  5. How exciting for this young couple!
    Thanks for sharing with us.
    The steps upstairs (pictured on first floor with arch) reminds me of your home.
    Be well, be HAPPY!

    PS Now this requires a visit after you are settled.

  6. What a wonderful home for your daughter and her family. I can see many happy years and wonderful memories being enjoyed there. I hoo e It’s near enough for some wonderful pop-over visits!

  7. I loved that you shared this with us! Having a daughter in the same stage of her life, purchasing their first home, I feel your excitement as well. The home is gorgeous! I love every part of it! I hope you are able to share any projects of before and after to see how they personalize it. The yard is nice, easy to do what you want, without having to remove overgrown shrubs and trees. Congrats to your daughter and her family.
    💕 Angie

    1. Thanks, Angie! Isn’t it fun to watch our kids choose their first home? We get to enjoy the excitement without having to deal with the stress of negotiations and working with the bank! I’ll definitely share updates to the home!

  8. What great spaces, inside and out! The updates seem to have been done so well! Looks like a perfect house to make into their home. You can be very proud of them.
    And what cuties they are!!! Many happy times ahead for y’all 😇
    Can’t help but notice the snow on the ground. We’re in shorts and the air is running here in Ocala 😉

  9. What a great house!!! So happy for them. Will they be living close to you? I agree 100% on changing that sink back!!!…what were they thinking putting that “clam” shell in there!!! Luckily the rest of the house seems intact. Love those glass doorknobs .
    Hope you will be able to give updates…to see it decorated. Enjoy!!!

  10. It is so cute! Everyone should replace the toilet seats anyway, so no big deal. I’m sure the other sink will look better than that clamshell. An English Tudor should be painted in a darker color. I can’t wait to see what you do with it. So much potential. It’s going to be fun.

  11. Wonderful choice lots of light and windows, enjoyed all the pictures and that last one was the best,lol!!

  12. Congratulations on your new home, it’s charming! May each room be filled with love and happiness. Let the memories begin!

  13. Jennifer how excited they must be. It seems like the house gets good light and the floors are in good shape. Love the arches in the house too. How neat they have glass knobs. Love old hardware adds such charm. Enjoyed seeing all the pictures. Good luck to them in their new home.


  14. What a sweet starter home for your daughter and her family.

    We don’t often see basements in our area. Is that a space that can be finished off as a play room for the kids?

  15. Wow, what a great house!!! They lucked out – my daughter has been shopping for a house for about a year and they FINALLY found one they love, and are in the midst of the lengthy mortgage process! I adore all the period details in that house, and since I’m a plant fanatic too I can only guess how excited your daughter will be with both the atrium window and enclosed porch!

  16. What a beautiful house! So happy for your daughter and son in law and their children. So many happy memories will be made there!

  17. What a beautiful house! So happy for your daughter and son in law and their children. So many happy memories will be made there!

  18. Congratulations to your daughter and her family, nothing like having your own home to settle into. Awesome blank canvas to work with and some lovely unique features. Have no doubt that the decorating genius runs in the family and it will be gorgeous.

  19. Hi Jennifer. I remember seeing the original post on your daughter’s darling home when they first bought it and I just came across it again today through a link. I read your posts daily and don’t recall seeing any updates…have you posted any since they have been in the house? I’d love to see what they have done with this cute house. Hoping you and your family had a wonderful Christmas.

  20. What a perfectly beautiful home! I don’t think I’d change a thing. I know they’ll have fun with the decorating and furnishing of this place.
    Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year!