Bungalows and Cottages of New Buffalo, Michigan

I’m finally back from my short trip to New Buffalo, Michigan and of course, I took photos of cute bungalows and cottages while I was there. There was plenty to explore and I need to go back to this lakeside town with all its charm and character.

Blue-Gray Modern Farmhouse in New Buffalo

The super adorable modern farmhouse-style cottage above was directly across the street from our Airbnb. I’m sharing the tour of the vacation home tomorrow here on the blog so make sure you come back to see it!

Here’s another small modern farmhouse that was just two doors down from where we stayed. Super charming street with lots of trees and plenty of birds singing throughout the day.

Black and White Tiny Modern Farmhouse


This charmer is located right around the corner from our rental. I love the color of the siding as well as the bowed windows in front. We passed several cute bungalows and cottages on our walk into town and to the beach. We walked everywhere, which was super convenient.

Light Green Bungalow in New Buffalo, Michigan


With a nod to nearby Lake Michigan, this little cottage is adorned with the front end of a boat, with blue scrollwork below the porch that mimics the waves on the beach.

Cottages and Bungalows on Lake Michigan


New Buffalo is a quiet town but still has a bit of hustle and bustle to it for the vacationers. I’ll share more photos next week of the beach, dunes, downtown, and harbor area. You may find yourself wanting to book a trip!

Gray Bungalow on Quiet Residential Street in New Buffalo, Michigan


Owners take pride in their lake town homes with tidy yards and beautiful plantings. We passed homes like this on the way to restaurants and shops. You’ll find several vacation rentals in the area so there’s plenty from which to choose.

Cottages and Bungalows in Southwest Michigan


The fence in front of this charming bungalow caught my eye. I’ll bet this was a Sears kit house from back in the 1920s or 30s.

Cream-colored bungalow with front porch and white picket fence


This cottage is a bit different than the rest with its partial stone facade and second story balcony.

Bungalow with Partial Stone Facade


The enclosed front porch on this charming yellow home is the perfect place to relax on a summer day. I’d have the windows open as opposed to running the air conditioner.

Yellow Bungalow with Enclosed Front Porch


My heart was captured by this pink Victorian cottage with vivid blue trim and cute little cupola.

Pink Victorian Cottage with White Picket Fence in Michigan


Last but certainly not least is a yellow Victorian-style cottage shaded by large trees.

Yellow Victorian Cottage with Front Porch


Don’t you just love the front porch?

Yellow Victorian Cottage with Front Porch


It sure was fun to walk the streets and enjoy all the bungalows and cottages of New Buffalo. Tomorrow I’ll feature a tour of the Airbnb cottage that we stayed in. I think you’ll enjoy seeing it!


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  1. Your tours are always so fun! Thanks for sharing these home tours that keep us reminded that we all want simple, unobstructed lives and lifestyles and the freedom to express who we are through our surroundings. You’re our online “explorer!”

    1. So glad you enjoy these tours, Deb. I love exploring neighborhoods and wish I could do it more often. I also wish someone would pay me to travel. LOL.

    1. Thanks Teddee! I sometimes find myself wanting to knock on people’s doors and asking if I can take photos of the inside of their house. 🙂

  2. These cottages are all so inviting! We have never visited the middle of our country, but it may be time to look into vacationing in some of the areas you feature.

  3. Thank you for the walking tour, I always enjoy these and my favorite was the last but, that pink one was a cutie.

  4. These are just gorgeous. The “Sears” kit house reminds us of our place in Coquille OR except ours was a Craftsman. Thank you for this tour. -Adele.

  5. You saved the best for last! I love the porch on that yellow home, but why oh why would the owners not have a couple of comfy chairs or rockers out there? That would have been the first thing I’d do, other than unpack the coffee pot and a couple of mugs!