Historic Home Exteriors in Lake Geneva

Today is the day I’m finally getting around to sharing the rest of my Lake Geneva walking tour! There are so many historic home exteriors in this town to enjoy. I’m toying with the idea of going back before Christmas to snap pictures of the houses decorated for the holidays.

Dark Blue Victorian House


Above is a gorgeous dark blue and white Victorian style home with a bit of a modern vibe. I love the color!

The home below wears a softer blue color scheme and is a true beauty. Ornate corbels and a stained glass windows are just some of the details on this historic home exterior.

Historic Home Exteriors - A Walking Tour of Lake Geneva


One thing I noticed while walking through the historic district of Lake Geneva – the residents certainly take pride in their homes and garden spaces.

Gray Older Home with White Trim in Wisconsin


A creamy white stucco home wears a Spanish style red tile roof. The double front doors are green. This home is just waiting to be decorated for Christmas!

Stucco Home with Red Tile Roof


If one porch isn’t enough for you – why not try a house with two porches? One is screened in and the other isn’t. That’s the best of both porch worlds!

Historic Stone House in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin


Gosh, I always love when a house takes me by surprise with bold color. I know lots of people like to paint their homes the color of nature, but I sure do enjoy a bold standout like this charmer.

Vibrant Turquoise Historic Home Exterior


It’s hard to see the historic home exterior of this blue house peeking out from behind the trees. That maple tree is going to be stunning when it finishes turning red.

Blue Victorian House Peeking Out from Behind the Autumn Trees


A classic red brick home with small oval window and double front door doesn’t disappoint. A tidy hedge of evergreens frames the large front porch.

Red Brick House with Full Front Porch


This large Tudor-style home is directly across from the lake, providing amazing sunset and sunrise views. Lucky owners!

Tudor Style Stucco House in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin


If you have an historic home with a front porch, I feel like it just needs to have a swing or set of rocking chairs!

Front Porch in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin Historic District


I’m trying to talk my daughter into painting her house this deep teal color. She’s debating between this and a dark blue. Either one will look great.

Beautiful Dark Teal Historic Home


And finally, the last bit of fall color in the Midwest. Most, if not all of the leaves will drop by Thanksgiving. What a beautiful town this is!

Fall Colors in Historic District of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

You can see more of the historic home exteriors from my previous walking tour of Lake Geneva.


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    1. Hi Teddee! I love Wisconsin and plan to go back in August, for sure. If we get a pretty snow before Christmas, I’ll go back up to Lake Geneva to get some photos. It’s an easy day trip.

  1. Amazing little town! I was so surprised to see the Spanish style architecture in IL! That home peeking out through the maples was a heart stopper. So glad that you shared these beautiful homes. It reminded me of walking down 5th Street in the historic district of our town, Ocala FL. Proof that the love of beautiful architecture is in our veins. Happy Smile.

    1. Hi Deb,

      Glad you enjoyed the tour. There were so many more homes I could’ve photographed. A second trip is in order. I’ve never been to Ocala but it sounds beautiful!

  2. I enjoyed this walk around this neighborhood to see all these beautiful old homes with all the different colors. They have such beautiful architectural features, thanks.

  3. Thank you, Jennifer! Those houses are amazing. I think my favorite is the dark blue one. And that tree was the perfect ending. Stay safe.