Home Exteriors Tour in Huntley: Round Two

Last week I shared a collection of charming old homes in Huntley, Illinois and today is the second half of the home exteriors tour. I love when a town has an abundance of beautiful homes that it requires more than one blog post!

Blue Home Exterior in Charming Huntley, Illinois


An updated Victorian home sits proudly on the corner of a quiet neighborhood in Huntley. Did you notice how the transom above the front porch window is open? So many wonderful details, including the landscaping.

Victorian Cottage with Wrap Around Porch
Victorian Cottage with Wrap Around Porch


This little Victorian house has also been updated with what appears to be a new porch.

Home Exteriors Tour in Huntley, Illinois


Here’s a classic white home exterior reminiscent of the type of home you’d see in Mayberry from the Andy Griffith show. The porch is decorated for fall with pumpkins and a friendly HELLO sign.


But this! This is the first house I photographed and was the impetus for exploring more of Huntley and its beautiful home exteriors. This gingerbread Victorian is the home I’d choose to live in.

Historic Victorian Home with Gingerbread Trim


I also like this yellow house because – well, my own house is yellow with dark blue trim like this. Plus I like the white birch tree in front.

Charming Yellow Two-Story Home


Not all the homes in Huntley are large. There are bungalow home exteriors throughout the town, like this one with red trim to match the red roof.

Home Exteriors Tour - Bungalow in Huntley, Illinois


I have a question for all of you about this gray bungalow. Does anyone know what the half-oval detail below the porch windows is? I’m dying to know!

Home Exteriors Tour - Bungalow in Huntley, Illinois


This green Victorian has great curb appeal with its bow windows, deep front porch, and architectural trim details.

Green Victorian Cottage


And finally, a classic Americana style home proudly displaying the U.S. flag. Look closely and you’ll see the Halloween decorations inside the porch.

Home Exteriors - Architecture Examples


I hope you enjoyed this architectural tour of home exteriors in Huntley. One of my favorite things to do is walk around neighborhoods and enjoy the different types of houses and landscaping.

This weekend I’m featuring highlights to my sister’s farm, orchard, and market in southwestern Michigan. Fall colors were at their peak and I’m anxious to share my trip with you!


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  1. The 1st one is a beauty and the 4th could be seen just about in any farm American scene.. but they are all beautiful..did any one answer your question about the half domes on the bungalow?… Is it maybe just a piece covering up for winterizing maybe and take it off in the spring? Just a suggestion. I love your pictures, your drawn to the same beautiful things I am too..Happy Halloween Jennifer

  2. I believe the half ovals was for sweeping debris and rain runoff. The front of that house used to have an open porch. This was a common detail in houses of this era and style.

  3. In this post, my favorites were the small Victorians – especially the next to last photo of the green Victorian. I love a smallish, cozy home. It’s what I grew up in and I guess what I’m drawn to.

  4. I love these tours and seeing all the wonderful old homes that are so beautifully kept. Thank you Jennifer for this tour.

  5. Very cool explanation for the half ovals!
    Thanks for bringing these homes into our homes. Like so many, I love to look at the beauty and creativity of those who built them and those that are now entrusted with them. However, I’ve got to say, another part of me says, “That is work, work, work!” Kudos to those of you who take up that standard. 🙂
    I hear my son-in-love’s saying ringing in my ear- “Make enough money to hire someone else to do it.” he he he

  6. You know I love all those homes. And, yes, what some other people have said, when those porches were more open, those ovals were for sweeping and run off. Before AC, those screened in porches were well used. And most homes had one upstairs as well, known as sleeping porches.