Tips for Decorating with Pillows

Pillows should be a fairly simple decorating staple, but sometimes the simplest of matters can be a little confusing. Pillows come in a range of sizes, shapes, and colors. Mixing them up creates the greatest visual interest in your home. If you need a little help, I’m sharing simple tips for decorating with pillows.

Photo by Caitlin Wilson Design


Choose a Color Scheme

If you have a hard time choosing pillows, pick a color scheme and stick with it. Two years ago I opted for coral, navy, and turquoise pillows. The largest pillow on the left has all the colors, while the rest of the pillows pull from that color scheme. Mix patterns with solid colored pillows.

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I’ve also used soft color schemes like blue and white pillows in my family room. My pillow selection was kitty approved!

pillows, living room, family room, cool blues, blue and white, slip covered sofa sectional


I also like the blues and teals from this past winter.

family room, living room, pillows, blue and teal


Or the neutral pillows from this past fall. I love the little corduroy pillow with its brown buttons. I do have a lot of pillows and put them in storage until the next time I take them out.

decorating with pillows, family room, living room


Add Texture with Pillows

A fun way to add interest with pillows is to choose one or two with a bit of texture. This spring I decorated my sectional sofa with pom pom pillows, which I love. The embroidered pillows also add a bit of texture.

decorating with pillows, textured pillow, pom pom pillow, living room, family room, script pillow


Include a Novelty Pillow

Novelty pillows like my bicycle pillow immediately attract attention.

spring porch, front porch, farmhouse porch, bicycle pillow


Or the little red car pillow from my Christmas porch.

christmas porch, christmas pillow, farmhouse porch, front porch


Or my New York City embroidered pillow that I paired with pillows in similar colors.

New York City pillow, decorating with pillows, mixing pillow patterns


Make Custom Pillows

A fun way to personalize your home is to sew your own custom pillows. Fabric stores offer a wide variety of colors and patterns to mix and match. You can also trim them with lace, fringe, or pom pom trim.

decorating with pillows, living room, family room, make your own pillows


decorating with pillows, living room, family room, make your own pillows


Don’t limit custom, handmade pillows to the living room or family room. I love making vintage style pillow cases for the bed. They’re so pretty, there’s no need to cover them up with pillow shams.

vintage style pillow cases, decorating with pillows, bedroom


Speaking of the bedroom, your bed will look cozy comfy with a bevy of pillows.

bedroom pillows, decorating with pillows


Another way to create a custom look when decorating with pillows is to paint a pillow!

paint a pillow, decorating with pillows


Use Pillows in Lieu of Cushions

On my front porch swing, I like to line up a row of pillows instead of using a back cushion. You can move them around to prop yourself up when reading or napping.

front porch swing, farmhouse porch, blue and green pillows, porch furniture

I think I collect pillows like some women collect shoes. What are some tips you like to use when decorating with pillows?


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  1. Wonderfully inspiring post. Your pillows are gorgeous . . . each one in it’s own charming way. I was also impressed with your window treatment, too. I love that!
    Have a sweet and happy weekend.
    Connie 🙂

  2. I like all your pillows, especially the ones the kitty approves. I don’t sew, so I am always on the look out for pillow covers. Thanks for the post!