Brick Flooring: Timeless Beauty in the Home

I remember the first time I saw brick flooring in a home. My mother and I bought tickets to Geneva’s holiday house walk and an historic home just east of the river featured a brick floor in the entryway and kitchen. It was love at first sight!

Bricking Flooring in a Traditional KitchenPhoto by Virginia W. Kelsey, AIA

My mother commented that, although pretty, the hard brick floor wouldn’t be very practical underfoot while cooking on your feet. It was that exact moment that I realized I would probably choose form over function when given the option.

Rustic Country Kitchen in Cream and RedPhoto by Timeless Kitchen Cabinetry

Most people choose brick flooring for an entryway due to its ability to withstand the elements. But look how beautiful it is in an elegant dining room.

French Country Dining Room with Brick FlooringPhoto by LEFEVRE INTERIORS

I was in my early twenties went I joined my mother for that holiday house walk. Living in my first home with my first-born daughter, I couldn’t afford to have brick flooring installed in my little bungalow. But I do remember looking at vinyl flooring in a brick pattern. Remember when that was all the rage for a country kitchen?

Light Filled Sun Room with Rustic Dining SetPhoto by Dennison and Dampier Interior Design

Brick floors add immediate warmth to any space. This entry is kept light and airy with white walls and a vaulted ceiling. A casual throw rug adds a little softness underfoot.

Farmhouse Entryway in Historic HomePhoto by JAMES DIXON ARCHITECT PC

A smaller English country entryway reveals the beauty and rustic texture of brick. I love when rustic meets elegance as it does here with rich landscape paintings and antique pieces.

English Country EntrywayPhoto by

Sun rooms are a great place for the addition of brick flooring. Especially if you get a lot of indoor/outdoor traffic in the room. It’s easy to mop dirt from a brick floor.

Traditional Sun Room with Brick FloorPhoto by Colonial Reproductions, Inc.

Are you a fan of brick floors? Or do you fall in my mother’s camp who chooses function over form?

Traditional Sun Room with Brick FloorPhoto by Historical Concepts

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  1. I’m with you – I love brick flooring and I can remember the first time I saw it I knew that it was something to cherish if you could find a place that already had it. I’ve never had it installed but I wish I had. I’d like to see what it’s like to live with it. Love your blog!

  2. Be still my beating heart- Brick flooring is my favorite!! I would do my whole house in it if I could. Brick and terra cotta.
    Oh yeah.

    Well….MAYBE wood floors in the bedrooms.

    1. Me too Deb..takes me back to my always felt whimsical to me to have brick in my home….breaking the rules, stepping outside the get it..I just love it, we had it in our kitchen!!!

  3. I remember when I was little a house my mother had lived in when we lived in Abington, VA. around 1982-90… It was in the country and it was so cute. I remember my mother loved it. I still remember all of the details and how I would love to have it now..The Kitchen had brick flooring and the west wall was lined with nothing but windows and it had one of those really long porcelain farm sinks and mom fashioned a curtain all around the bottom of it..I will never forget the ORANGE curtains though that she had up for a while..Remember that fad in the 80’s…ugh.. Any way that was my mostly childhood home other than a huge old 2 story farmhouse that once again I would loooove to have..that was in Batavia Ohio..19.78-82 Those old houses are amazing and they sure dont make em (yours included) like that any more…Thanks for the trip down memory lane Jennifer!

  4. I adore the look and feel of brick floors and had the whole main level of our lake home done with them. We also made the mistake of not having them sealed and let me tell you, the floors in the kitchen area were a horror to keep clean. Anything greasy that would drop on them would immediately stain! I did a lot of scrubbing on my hands and knees to have it look nice….swiffers don’t work on brick. I luv the look, but didn’t love the upkeep.

  5. I love brick floors. Would have been expensive I think here. We have a semi open floor plan. We should have checked because it would have been perfect for our French cottage.


  6. I love brick, years ago I was in a home who had a brick wall in their kitchen and from that moment I wanted a wall or floor. I have enjoyed these pictures, thanks.

    1. We are planning to have brick floors installed in our back hallway, laundry room and powder bath..glad to hear someone mention to seal them..hadn’t thought of that but hopefully my installer would…we are renovating a house and have made lots of major changes already but the brick floors are next along with a bead board ceiling in those areas…fingers crossed the reality equals my vision…

  7. I love brick, years ago I was in a home who had a brick wall in their kitchen and from that moment I wanted a wall or floor. I have enjoyed these pictures, thanks.

  8. I personally have never seen brick floors in a home before and they look stunning especially the entry ways and the sun room. I’m with your Mother I honestly wouldn’t want them in my kitchen for the upkeep as well as standing on for any length of time. Thanks for the pictures they were truly lovely.

  9. Oh Yes! I’m with You! We have a family room addition and I’d love to put in a mix of brick and pine boards. We went to Vintage Brick and got some samples, but the cost is ex-pen-sive! So, unless I win the Lottery, it won’t be happening.

  10. I love brick floors, especially in a kitchen or entry. I had a small bungalow once back in the 80s that I used vinyl faux brick flooring to try to get that look. It was good for what it was, and gave me the pretty good illusion of having a brick kitchen floor. I can see that real brick in the kitchen could be difficult to keep from staining, but in your kitchen, Jennifer, it might be the only thing that could replace that wonderful green Mexican tile that I love so much.

  11. My father was a bricklayer by trade. When I was a teenager my parents purchased 90 acres in the country and built their 2 story dream home on it, and as you can imagine, lots of brick. The house was full brick, the patio was stone with beautiful brick arches all around it and included a brick outdoor fire pit, 2 brick fire places inside the house, the driveway was brick, even the horse barn was brick. I suppose after laying a brick driveway Dad decided that was about as much brick flooring as he cared to lay on his hands and knees, so no brick flooring was in the house. But that house is still beautiful and timeless to this day after 54 years. Brick-anywhere-is something very special to have in a home, I think it reminds one of the skill it took by someone to make something so beautiful. I am reminded of my Dad whenever I drive by my childhood home, and it always warms my heart to see that brick, and know that he touched every piece of it.

    1. Terry,

      How wonderful that must have been living in a home your dad helped build. And to still drive by and be able to relive all the memories you made there. That is very special. I bet it is a beauty, from your description. I’m happy for you!

  12. the photo captioned “A smaller English country entryway reveals the beauty and rustic texture of brick. I love when rustic meets elegance as it does here with rich landscape paintings and antique pieces.” actually shows wood, not bricks. they’re ends of beams which is actually pretty cool looking.

  13. Oh, brick floors…the beauty of them. Yes, I too have very fond memories of them growing up. We had a huge entry hall with brick floors when I was growing up in the 70’s and I adored them. Our entry hall led into the kitchen (among several other rooms) and my parents had faux brick linoleum installed in the kitchen when the house was built. I always assumed it was due to the price but maybe it was the comfort factor. That brick had to be expensive. We had an old man named Mr. Irby that came twice a month to clean and polish both the floors. It had to have been quite a job as there were 3 of us kids and always dogs. Whenever I see brick floors, I think of my teen years in that house and wish I could have brick floors in my entry hall again. (and on my sunporch) Thanks for sharing all these beautiful rooms with us, Jennifer.

  14. Ha! I see that I commented earlier, on my youngest son’s BD in 2019 and I still agree… I LOVE brick floors! We’re going to have to refloor our kitchen and although I can’t put in real brick, I will be choosing another brick look flooring pattern! We did put in an “old brick” patio when we relandscaped our side and backyard. My uncle was a bricklayer. It is truly an art form.
    BTW, how do you CONTINUALLY think of these interesting ideas and topics? Everyday I learn something from your blog 😇

  15. I LOVE brick flooring. These are gorgeous examples of different patterns. Thanks, Jennifer, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you!

  16. When I was in my previous job we used to have events in a gorgeous wine cellar with brick floors. The ambience the bricks brought was undeniable but so was the leg pain. Some of the staff resorted to wearing sensible shoes and sneakers however it did not make much difference to aching legs. I love, love, love the look of them but would never have them inside my house especially in the kitchen.

  17. Here in Latin America is very common to have brick flooring, especially in the kitchen, green houses with breakfast areas, etc. Actually in older homes. Young people don’t go for it anymore as it is very difficult to maintain.
    In fact, a sister in law of mine does. Spanish style homes are very common. I love it too ! Very warm and old world too.
    Thank you for sharing.

  18. I would love to have brick flooring in my kitchen, sunroom, and foyer. Alas we have always chosen more budget-friendly materials. Nevertheless I enjoy looking at pictures of other people’s choices

  19. I am looking for a brick look luxury vinyl flooring but I can’t find a manufacturer who makes it. Are you aware of any? Thanks for your help.