5 Interior Design Trends of 2016

Interior design trends, or trends of any kind for that matter, always fascinate me because the “experts” don’t always agree on what’s going to be the next big thing. As I was searching for upcoming decorating trends I found a variety of predictions, but there were a few consistent topics that I found from one expert to the next. And that’s what I’m sharing with you today … the common themes of interior design trends of 2016. Let me know if any of them surprise you!

1. Integrated Living/Kitchen Spaces

Open Floor Plan - Interior Design Trends of 2016Kitchen by Santa Rosa Beach Architects & Building Designers Geoff Chick & Associates

People are trending toward open concept floor plans in their homes, like this example where the kitchen, dining, and family rooms are all one big space. No half walls dividing the areas either. This type of layout allows for easy entertaining and also provides space for the entire family to be together without feeling cramped.


Industrial Chic Model Home with Open Floor PlanI first noticed the popularity of combined living spaces when hubby and I toured numerous model homes this past summer. I loved the open floor concepts for their spaciousness. And while space was ample, the decorating made the homes feel warm and inviting.


Open Floor Plan - Interior Design Trends of 2016Traditional Living Room by Richmond Kitchen & Bath Designers KDW Home/Kitchen Designworks

I found so many examples of combined kitchen and living spaces that I plan to do a future post with more examples to inspire you.


2. Mixed Metals

Mixed Metals - Interior Design Trends of 2016Eclectic Entry

Here’s one of the 2016 interior design trends I think most of you will love … mixed metals!  Gone are the days of having to choose between all silver, or all gold in a room. Now it’s chic to mix them up, like the mirrored wall art displayed in this entryway.


Mixed Metals - Interior Design Trends of 2016Transitional Bathroom by West Vancouver Interior Designers & Decorators Sophie Burke Design

This beautiful bathroom shows how elegant silver and gold look together. Rather than appearing mismatched, the gold mirrors, sconces, and hardware on the cabinet pair quite well with the silver faucets on the tub and sinks. I think the use of silver-gray counter tops mimic the silver metal of the faucets and pull it all together.


Mixed Metals - Interior Design Trends of 2016 Traditional Kitchen by Minneapolis Interior Designers & Decorators Martha O’Hara Interiors

This kitchen shows another example of pairing a gold light fixture with silver hardware.


3. Florals

Florals - Interior Design Trends of 2016Eclectic Living Room by New York Interior Designers & Decorators McGrath II

Ah, yes! Florals are making a come back and I couldn’t be happier. My first couch as a newlywed was a soft, floral pattern and I loved it! You don’t have to go whole hog with the florals though. One accent piece like the chair in this living room is all you need.


Florals - Interior Design Trends of 2016Traditional Living Room by New York Interior Designers & Decorators Kim Parker Interiors

Of course, if you love florals like me, feel free to use them abundantly. This room pairs flowered chairs with bold floral prints on the wall and flower-patterned rugs on the floor. This look might be too much for some of you, but I love it. I think the brick and wood floors helps to balance all the flowers in the room.


Florals - Interior Design Trends of 2016

Eclectic Living Room by Honolulu Interior Designers & Decorators CIH Design

Here’s another example of florals paired with natural elements like a stone fireplace. Think English Country style when you design a room mixing floral patterns together. The look is dramatic and charming all at once. The curtains remind me of the ones in my living room in the second house I owned.


4. Artisan Accents

Artisan Accents - Interior Design Trends of 2016Traditional Kitchen by Portland Interior Designers & Decorators Jenni Leasia Design

When it comes to decorative accents in the home, 2016 is all about artisan pieces like the decorative stoneware shown nestled in the kitchen cabinetry. This is good news for artists who sell their wares on Etsy.


Artisan Accents - Interior Design Trends of 2016Farmhouse Spaces by Santa Ynez Media & Bloggers Going Home To Roost

Unique artwork like this suspended, bundled driftwood add personality and character to living spaces.


Artisan Accents - Interior Design Trends of 2016Rustic Dining Room by San Francisco Interior Designers & Decorators Jute Interior Design

Handcrafted baskets add a rustic look to this farmhouse dining room. I love that artisan accents are one of the interior design trends for 2016. I think many of you who enjoy decorating will be able to get creative with this one!


5. Soft Colors

Soft Colors - Interior Design Trends of 2016Traditional Living Room by Boston Interior Designers & Decorators Catherine & McClure Interiors

The 80’s are back in the form of soft colors!  Namely blue and rose, thanks to Pantone for choosing Serenity (blue) and Rose Quartz as their colors of the year!  And then Benjamin Moore came along and listed Simply White as its color of the year. Next week I’m showing how I’ve used variations of these 3 colors in my dining room to give it a quick update for 2016.


Soft Colors - Interior Design Trends of 2016Transitional Entry by Redwood City Photographers Hoi Ning Wong

If pastels aren’t your thing, consider bolder shades of blue and pink paired with crisp white. The effect can be stunning!


Soft Colors - Interior Design Trends of 2016Modern Dining Room by Seattle Architects & Building Designers Jim Burton Architects

And in case you’re thinking pastel blues and pinks are for babies or old ladies, this dining space will prove you wrong. A mid century modern look handles the soft color trend quite well.

In closing, I’ll share with you what’s out in regard to interior design trends for 2016. I have a feeling you won’t like it, although I’ve suspected that these 3 highly popular trends were on their way out the design door!

Chalkboard Paint

Mason Jars

and Burlap!


Farmhouse Family RoomDoes this mean I have to give up my landscape burlap curtain swags in the family room??  I don’t think I’ll be getting rid of them in 2016 … I love them too much and trends were made to be broken. But who knows, if I think about it long enough I just might swap them out for something different.

So what do you think about the design predictions for 2016?  Do you have a favorite?

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  1. I love the open concept kitchen/living areas – and you gave gorgeous examples of each. Ours has always been open to one another but when we did our kitchen renovation this past summer, we took down the half wall. What a difference! Mixing metals works for me too…less pressure to make them all the same! A little sad on the trends you think will die out since I bought a bunch of chalkboard ornaments for my Christmas tree this year but ended up going in a different direction. I guess this means next year I will be staring at those things thinking…why? Great post!

  2. Fun to see the trends for the new year and how I’ve been following some of them for awhile. Like florals…I’ve always loved florals and have used them for years…I guess I’m finally in style. :-)) Also glad to see it’s okay to mix metals which I’ve been doing out of necessity in our little cottage…whew! Blue and Rose will always be my favorite color combination! Loved this post…I guess I’ll continue doing what I love! As I’m sure you’ll agree, you can never go wrong with that…even keeping up the burlap curtains!!
    Mary Alice

  3. Everything is so beautiful. I love the florals. Blue is my favorite color so I like to see it coming back too. I like seeing all the new color trends. I don’t think I can give up my vintage blue Ball jars though. They belonged to my mom and she used them in her kitchen. I really like your burlap swags. I’d keep them for awhile.

  4. No! Don’t give up your burlap swag curtains! If I remember correctly, that is what brought me to your blog. I’m glad to see some color in these decorating trends. My living room has been yellow for quite a few years now and I have no intention of changing it anytime soon—I love it! I also just painted one of our bedrooms magenta. Yep, I love color! And I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to see mixed metals! We used so much brass in fixtures when we built our house 20 years ago. I love the brass but let me tell you it is difficult to find brass fixtures when replacing the old fixtures. Thanks again for your thoughtful and inspiring blog!

  5. I am glad to see florals and colors coming back. The present gray and white trends are too gloomy for me even while I try to appreciate their artistic value. I am tired of decor based on an iPad color scheme.
    I have never liked open concept, partly because I love old houses, partly because I think they must be a cleaning nightmare for those who really spend significant time in their homes and have active children. My sister, an empty nester just built one and it is very pretty – but I’ve noticed that even though she is an excellent housekeeper, it never looks all picked up – because people live there – all in one space – like they do in third world countries. Rather than promoting family unity, everyone heads to their bedroom – to get away from the 4 year old watching Barney in surround sound:) I have come to strongly dislike the word “sightline”. I understand some love the style, but more and more are saying, lived that way once, not in my next home.

    Mason jars are here to stay for those who actually use them.

    In general I ignore trends because they are marketing tools. I hope artisans sell more of their art because it makes someone happy, not because they are copying a current trend. I mix metals because I live in an old house. I cannot change door knobs and light fixtures every couple of years. Part of the charm of a house is its evolution over time into a home.

    Thanks for the post and enjoyable blog:)

  6. Well, guess I will have to go against the trend – I just painted my kitchen a soft gray and purchased a very large ornate vintage gold frame to make into a chalkboard which will take center stage on a main wall. Guess I am a bit late on that one. Ah trends, ya gotta love em!!!

  7. I am crazy about florals! I love that this seems to be trending! I don’t know if I can get on board with all of the artisan accents, I seem to be swaying more towards minimalism. The soft colors are so beautiful too!

  8. Darn it all – I just painted a wall in my kitchen with chalkboard paint! I have to admit, I’m ready to say goodbye to burlap tho! I love seeing these new trends! Thanks so much for sharing them and I’m sharing a link to this post today on my blog – hoping to send some readers here to see the trends for themselves!

  9. Coloring books are back in.
    As I wrote and drew on my chalkboard yesterday it took me back to snowy recesses when I was little and the teacher would let us write and draw on chalkboards. My daughter put a strip down low in their hallway/end of living space. She used chalk pens and wrote the alphabet. My grandson traces them for his four year old practice. It’s childish and fun. I’m leaving my chalkboard. I’m going to color. Maybe I’ll choose my own way. I use bold colors. I found furniture, then curtains and some antique who know what’s for new artwork over my fireplace. I bought an unusual old milk can I’m checking houzz for how to incorporate it and an old wide mouthed galvanized pail as a planter. I’m a trend setter?!! And if I want Mason jars for fun I’m going to use them!!! After all they remind me of my mom canning peaches, pears, Bing cherries, no skin just apples applesauce, apricots…and my special ones are from my great Aunt!!! In fact I’m having a fun party using Mason jar themed gifts yet eating on china????

  10. Okay on 2 thru 5. I question on item one, the use of the term trend. This “trend” has been going on most of the 28 years I have been doing kitchens. And arguably prior. I have seen quite a few midcentury mod houses with open plans, and even before. If the house was large enough we know it had formal LR and DR…but many times the nonformal areas were connected.

  11. I agree with the trends going out of style except for the mason jars. I have collected blue jars for 25 years and have never tired of them. They are timeless!

  12. We have a bungalow. I’m totally fine with the outgoing trends. Swap out those swags for large, floral print swags! 😉 Have started mixing metals in my living room as it evolves. Our dining and living rooms flank the 6ft wide by 24ft foyer…both rooms are Adirondack blue and surprises everyone! Trends are just trends, but it’s like your wardrobe, fashion in not changing out your wardrobe every 6 month, it’s working in a bit of trend to stay fresh. Thanks for your blog!