Hudson Valley House: Charming Home Tour

Hubby and I keep going back and forth. Should we move, or should we add onto the house and do some renovations? The thought of doing either stresses me out a bit. Sharing a home tour each Sunday here on the blog fills me with inspiration on ways to improve our house. For me, it's a creative process that I enjoy and it leaves me feeling productive. I found new inspiration with today's tour that features a Hudson Valley house renovated by Crisp … [Read more...]

Factory Built Farmhouse: Charming Home Tour

You won't believe this amazing factory built farmhouse that we're touring today. This charming home is a survivor of Hurricane Sandy; once condemned and now beautifully rebuilt to reflect a pleasing combination of coastal and farmhouse style. You can find this beauty over at Houzz, along with other factory built homes by Bensonwood. (All Photos by Bensonwood.) Photo by Bensonwood - Discover beach style exterior design ideas   In my little … [Read more...]

Traditional LEED Gold Home Tour

Happy New Year!  We're starting 2017 off with a tour of a gorgeous traditional LEED Gold home. Not only is the interior beautiful, but this house is LEED-certified at the Gold level.  LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. In order to be certified, a house or building needs to follow a variety of green practices. Today's home was designed by Tim Barber Ltd. Architecture. (All photos found at Houzz and credited to Tim … [Read more...]

Colorful Country House in Ohio

Merry Christmas, friends! I hope you're enjoying holiday time with loved ones and maybe you popped over today for a little "me-time." I'll keep today's home tour brief with a colorful country house from Ohio. It wears classic country decor and I think you'll enjoy it's comfortable appeal. Photo by Julie Ranee Photography   Most folks enjoy decorating with neutrals, but then there are those who live on the wild side and add a splash of … [Read more...]

Making It in the Mountains: Home Tour

One more week until Christmas. Can you believe it? Today we're heading up north ... not to the North Pole but to Canada to tour the lovely home of Kristi who blogs at Making It in the Mountains. I think you'll love her farmhouse style. She's creative and resourceful and has worked wonders in her house. Kristi's family room is currently decorated for Christmas with mini Christmas trees and a bit of garland.   The other side of the family … [Read more...]

Perfecting the Homefront: Charming Home Tour

Chip and Joanna Gaines, along with their show Fixer Upper, are helping to promote the popularity of farmhouse style. Clean lines, white backgrounds, and utilitarian items are often found in farmhouses across the country. The style is simple and functional, and today's charming home tour showcases the appeal of the iconic farmhouse. Take a step inside Karen's beautiful home at Perfecting the Homefront. Vintage theater seats greet you when you … [Read more...]

English Cottage: Charming Home Tour

How many of you fell in love with the little stone cottage featured in the movie, "Holiday"?  Cameron Diaz plays the starlet who vacations in a charming cottage to escape her Hollywood life for a couple weeks. An English cottage is featured in today's charming home tour, but this one has been updated. (All photos by Chris Snook, found on Houzz.)   You'll find a recurring theme of decorating with neutrals throughout this lovely English … [Read more...]

Swedish Country House: Charming Home Tour

Today we're heading across the pond to visit a beautiful Swedish country house. I have always loved the simple elegance of Scandinavian decorating. You'll often find a generous use of white paired with rustic elements or bright colors. Homes also have large windows to let in as much sunlight as possible during short winter days. The result is a cozy space with timeless appeal. (All photos by as seen on Houzz.) Paper type … [Read more...]

Eclectic Australian House: Charming Home Tour

This weekend has been filled with holiday decorating and I'm overdosed on glitter and sparkle.  So today I'm sharing an eclectic Australian house decorated in neutral tones. The home of Kara Rosenlund has an organic vibe with earthy elements. (Photos by Kara Rosenlund, featured on Houzz.) You'll find plenty of texture throughout Kara's home, which is important when you decorate with neutrals. A mix of finishes adds depth and interest to each … [Read more...]

Northshore Farmhouse: Charming Home Tour

Welcome to another charming home tour here at Town and Country Living. Today's Northshore Farmhouse by Kristina Crestin Design is filled with classic American style. Clean lines with a few fun touches makes this home a pleasure to see! (Click on photos to be taken to original on Houzz.) The living room pairs a soft gray sectional with rustic end and coffee tables. The curtains and patterned pillows pick up the colors of the landscape painting on … [Read more...]

Robb Restyle: Charming Home Tour

Here in Illinois we're enjoying a "heat wave" of sorts. It's in the mid 60-degree temperatures which is almost unheard of this time of year. I want to get out and take some photos of adorable bungalows and cottages in our area ... maybe tomorrow. But for now, you can enjoy Kristy's fun and colorful bungalow from Robb Restyle. It's so adorable. So charming. And just plain happy. Kristy used a sunny yellow paint on the side entrance door to her … [Read more...]

Home by Heidi: Charming Home Tour

Happy Sunday Friends! It's time for another charming home tour and I'm super-excited about this one. I think you're going to love Heidi's bright and airy home today. She blogs at Home by Heidi where you'll find her creative style and joyful spirit. Heidi's living room is ... well, perfect. It's easy to see the symmetry in this room which makes it so appealing, along with the softness and subtle patterns. Did you notice the ice cream bucket on … [Read more...]

Georgian Style: Charming Home Tour

Georgian style homes are noted for their classic symmetry and today we're taking a tour of this beauty located in the canyon. Georgian style was very prevalent in the U.S. from the 1700s through the Revolutionary War. I think you'll love the clean lines and traditional styling of today's charming home tour from Tim Barber Ltd. Architecture.   Gleaming wood floors and a beautiful staircase greet you in the entryway. An arched hallway adds … [Read more...]